Kotobukiya Ikuno Komaki ~ToHeart2 Another Days~ 1/8th PVC Figure – An every-otaku review

Oha all! It’s almost 4am in the UK, and I have no lessons tomorrow, so blatently, I’m gonna be awake till about 5 lol. Sleeping in LATE lol. Then going for movies in the evening I believe… work inbetween then though. Like a good little student. :beam: Onto the review I say!

Today we look at Ikuno Komaki. Manaka’s younger sister.(A figure of which I might be getting for xmas off some friendlies.) The unique thing about Ikuno-kun is that she is in a wheelchair. I had never before seen a wheelchair-bound figure before Ikuno-kun. I first spied her on Play.com of all places. And avoided buying due to the £35 price tag and the smallish size, about 13.5cm or 5.5inches (Michiru Yamada is about the same, I’m sorry I haven’t been mentioning the heights of the figures in my reviews… thats one piece of information I always look for in reviews…. gomenasai…). When I saw her at the London Expo in October for £25 I didn’t hesitate in getting her. (Along with Michiru, Tamaki, Asakura and Fuko lol, £25 each, £125 total at that stand alone…) I was soooo pleased I finally got her! As you may already know, I love ToHeart. ToHeart2(and AD) in particular. I’m currently watching the first ToHeart anime. On ep 4. Tis nice so far. Nice backgrounds. But is making me wanna buy all the available older ToHeart figures… I already own 3…. but there are quite a few more I’m missing….(just reminded me… I made a list of my figures, just before the Midlands Expo… needs slightly updating….)


The figure itself has a great sculpt. The paintwork is nice. Very neat lines on the skirt detail and neckerchief detail. I’m very happy with Koto’s workmanship here.


The pose is nice. Slightly turning, book in hand. Very cute. Captures the sickly-hospital-bound archetype well.


The hair is nice. Though you can see a joint line in this photo on the hair. Only a travesty if your displaying back-first. And I’ve never encounted anyone to do that… yet lol. You can also see, the familar clear pink base. Even though you don’t really need a base for this figure due to the wheelchair. More pics n details below.


The way the loose ponytail falls is just lovely. And her petite figure is darling!! Definately worth the money!


A low angle shot, lol. Very thin legs. Not uncommon I know. And for this character its actually very true to herself. Ankle socks and loafer-like school shoes.


She fits nicely into the seat. Feet resting on the correct places. She doesn’t wobble in her seat. (I do hope you’re all noticing the detail on the awesome wheelchair!!)


Same shot as Michiru… I know… I should be ashamed…. but somehow I am not. Since you want to know what the pantsu look like right?pantsuless

Obligitory castoff shot. She really is very skinny. Hardly any shape at all.


This has to be the first time, and probably last time I’ll get this excited about a wheelchair or all things. It’s just so perfect! And the wheels move!! It’s so pretty!!!! And its got foot rests and levers and everything! Tis a mighty pretty thing. Very light. Not sure what kinda plastic it would be. I wanna say ABS… but I really have next to no clue…

If you see Ikuno-kun for a decent price. Please do consider getting her. She’s a lovely figure. Great paintwork, on the actual figure and the wheelchair too. You even get a spare face with her! Rather uncommon with ToHeart2 figures I must say… least with Koto ToHeart2 figures its uncommon. It’s of her winking with her tongue out. I haven’t tried changing the face yet because I feel no compulsion and she’s great the way she is.

Theres something I’m just looking into atm… justing checking up on something….to make sure of my suspisions… EDIT: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was wrong…thank god…… image 180-181 of the ToHeart2AD CG pack cleared that up. I just had to look closer. Not a good thing… but it cleared up my misunderstanding lol.

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4 Responses to “Kotobukiya Ikuno Komaki ~ToHeart2 Another Days~ 1/8th PVC Figure – An every-otaku review”

  1. suki Says:

    Very cute >.<
    She’s defintely a good quality fig! Nice get ^o^

  2. aquilla Says:

    shes a nice size for a figure in a seated position. Such a cutie and that wheelchair is amazing.

  3. Persocom Says:

    The only thing I know about ToHeart is the OP. But, this is definitely a unique and interesting figure. Looks really good quality as well. It’s awesome how much detail is put into the wheelchair and how it actually moves and has rests and all.

  4. Blowfish Says:

    A Wheelchair?Now thats unique!
    I didnt expect that anyone would make something like that.

    Its funny how everybody feels obliged to take pantsu shots ^^

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