To Heart Complete DVD Thinpack

Yesterday I got my To Heart anime boxset in the mail. 13 episodes, 6 mini episodes(I’ve seen 2, very cute!) plus the usual extras, trailers, line art etc. I’m on episode 7.



Pretty box art.


Prettyness. I didn’t think I’d like the art as much as I do. But it’s nice. charming or something. Bought for £20. Region 1. Released by Rightstuf and Nozomi. Better DVD’s than ADV or such like. Better dub. I can actually stand to listen to it lol. Has been a while since I have been able to listen to a dub for a prolonged length of time. Akari’s english voice actress sounds cute. The UK would never have such a good deal unless it’d been out for yonks. Then again… they’d almost never release this…

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2 Responses to “To Heart Complete DVD Thinpack”

  1. suki Says:

    Nice get! ToHeart is fairly old now so, I would’ve imagined this to be hard to get hold of…
    I saw ToHeart 2 moths back and it really is a good anime, now to get the rest and the games >.<

  2. aquilla Says:

    Meimi, I got the Mina figure last year at the Japan ex event in London, a bargain at £40 too. She is very tall

    And yes there are a couple other figures of her. One is a standing 1/4 scale

    and the other is a kneeling 1/8 scale

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