Clayz Haruka Nogizaka 1/8th PVC Figure Review (I FINALLY GOT HER!!!!)

I got her!!!! I got her cos I pestered the guard on duty and said it was urgent! Otherwise I wouldn’t have got her till monday!!! I actually squealed….(not in front of the guard, but when I got outside lol) Up1 are always good for delivery times, like Firebox (were when they were a fairly new site lol). Next day! :woot!!:


My first ever Clayz figure!

I preordered her like…. yonks ago… actual months…. I think I preordered her in August… and she was due out in September… but it didnt happen…. over….:counts:… 3 months since the order was put in… and almost a month since she was actually released…(Up1 took a while to get her, but I forgive em, cos they rock.)

So! On to the review!! I took over 130 photos! Mucho-overkill!! But it meant I got 31 to post! I might not post all of em though….. depends…

The overall figure is good. I won’t lie, it could be better. But if your a hardcore Haruka fan, you’ll buy this figure over the Toys Works version, because it looks so much more like Haruka-chan. (Although I’m checking up on the pics now…. might be tempted to get this one… since I am a big Haruka fan….)


(Many more photos and full review, just continue below)



I think her pose is lovely. And she has such a nice body too. Sculpt-wise she’s fantastic. Her hair is particularly gorgeous. All the little curly bits at the end are so cute!




The creases on her bikini-pantsu are very nice. And her leggies are most lovely. Her ankles are so well done, same for her feet! Such cute little toes.





Now from these photos, what you can’t see is the paintwork on the bikini and all white clothing bits.(Like the choker too) It could be neater around the strap area. And on the back area of the pantsu, the white paint looks.. I’m not sure… mottled? Only in one area of the pantsu though. On the right cheek. This might not be the case with all of them. The pink of the bows is lovely. But the white paintwork could be better.


(Just because the back-straps are hidden by the hair is no reason to rush it or do it shoddily. It’s lazy is what it is.)


Jubblies!!! You can see the paintwork on the straps….


Haruka-chan’s hair is gorgeous. It’s got the most hair tone of any of my figures. It’s just so pretty… I prefer this hair to the preview model I thinks. Though the preview model hair colour still rocked. The hair is obviously painted, you can tell by looking, it makes me wonder what the base plastic colour was. I think it might be white… or a pale colour… going by a few little ‘spots’ visible. Another thing I love about the hair is how they’ve kept the thinness of points. Sometimes figures will lose the definition in moulds of hair points on fringes(or bangs for those who don’t understand what a fringe is lol) She’s still got the spikes on her fringe. And at the end of her hair. The parting looks great too. And I love how it flows…. So awesome….


I really like the face. But I’ve heard others say it looks off. I can’t see anything wrong with it. Specially not compared to the Toys Works Haruka. My only complaint about the face is the eyes. Clayz always do these gorgeous watercolour eyes on their preview models. I just wish they released figures with those eyes. The 1/6th Honami was also like this. Along with others. I will also say this, there doesn’t seem to be any shading on the skin. Which I don’t mind. Her skin looks great anyway. She ain’t meant to be overly pinky or anything. Nice ‘n’ pale. And her sculpt more than makes up for the lack of shading. Hardly any joint/mould marks visible on the skin. Some round the edge of the hair, but nothing glaringly obvious.


Tushie shot! Bikini pantsu do wear differently to regularly pantsu. They don’t crease in the same way. Depends which style you go for of course.


I was actually trying to get a shot of the straps when I took this, but I got a better one, so this just turned into another fanservice shot lol.

Today I actually got another light set up, just a table lamp. So 3 lights, the main light, the above-bed light and the table/desk lamp. It lit her up more, so I’m happy with it. I also tried something with a pink backdrop-kinda-thing lol.


I really like this shot.... it might be the angle too...



Now, just a word of caution, if she’s not on a flat service, she might tip forward a bit. She was slightly while I was taking pics on the pink blanket lol. She’s fine on her base though. Which isn’t really needed, and is much bigger than it needs to be, as you probably have seen earlier on. So those with space issues may wanna just store the base. At this moment in time, theres still room for her base… but when I go home…. there will most definately not be room….

More pics of the box… thought I may aswell, but the box isn’t the most important part, though I know for some it is an important part.


I must say, its a change from Kotobukiya’s box art. I’m not sure what words to use for the differences. But they aint bad differences anyways. Though the photos of the figure are slightly misleading due to the eyes not being like that. Shame.


First figure of mine to be completely wrapped in plastic lol. And theres a piece of poly-foamy-stuff in between the hair and the back to make sure theres not breakage I assume. Nice safety detail. I was a little worried, well, still am a little worried about the ribbons on the bikini. I’m so worried I’ll accidently break them off. They seem pretty sturdy though. So I should be ok hehe.

So! Overall, was she worth the money? Yes! Because its Haruka!(Oh the moe!!) And better yet, its a figure that looks like Haruka!! If she wasn’t from a series I’d seen and loved, I would not have spent as much as I did on her. BUT, since I have seen all of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and fell in love with the series(And Yuuto-san! lol), she was a definate must-have when I saw she was being released lol. She could be better yes. But I’ve never been too fussy with figures. I’ve gotten worse very quickly though… become much fussier… I used to go by cheapness of price alone, but now it’s gotta be a decent-looking figure, money is of no object when it comes to a must-have figure. One you know you just HAVE to order no matter what. You all know what I mean right? You’ve all experienced that right?

So, if your a Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu(anime or light novels) fan, BUY HER! BUY HER NOW!! I command thee!! Because your a fool if you don’t! lol That is all for now! Hope you enjoyed it. Or hope it helped make up your mind! 😀

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11 Responses to “Clayz Haruka Nogizaka 1/8th PVC Figure Review (I FINALLY GOT HER!!!!)”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Hmm, it’s still unclear~ do u like Haruka or not? LOL ^_^

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: LOL, I know! Especially comparing ours to Gordon’s, and his blog gets tons of comments. There must be other factors obviously. Lucky!!!… As for Haruka-chan, I think those pantsu shots helped a bit too, lol. >.<

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Haha, to nudge your words, *fan service* is definitely *my friend* too. LOLZ, and don’t forget, that “pantsu swapping” episode was a hilarious classic! ^A^

  4. Coco the Bean Says:

    I think she actually looks better than in the preview pics!

  5. gordon Says:

    the shots with the pink cloth looks good. a simple background makes the figure stands out more. unless u are on location for a outdoor shoot. ^^;

  6. Blowfish Says:

    Your bed? as background worked pretty good.Im not into Moe figures so ill pass tough

  7. Harts Says:

    Nice review, lighting seems fine now.
    And the figure seems also great, only the eyes seem a little off.. somehow..

  8. actar Says:

    I’m such a fan of Haruka! She’s an Otaku girl that’s so different form Konata. The juxtaposition of her mannerisms and her hobby makes her so Kawaii!

    Would get the figure, however, I’m short of cash at the moment. Will definitely spring for a Haruka figure in her seifuku.

  9. acesan Says:

    Looks like you love Haruka as much as I love my Feito-chan figma :P. Tempted to get this too now! Though I’m running out of figure space 😦 I wuld rather a figma Haruka though so I can mess around with it. Ok that sounded bad

  10. suki Says:

    Lovely pics!
    I’ve yet to watch the anime ^^;
    I will say that she’s quite well made though ^^

  11. Fail-figure: Gutto Kuro Figure Collection Nogizaka Haruka « Meimi132 no Itonami Says:

    […] Now… main-body wise, its not too different. Its just the face!!!! The awful awfulness of the face…… The sculpt of the figure… not terrible… but you’re drawn to the awfulness of the face…. the wonky eyes…. the mouth looks wrong too… And god knows why she’s cast off… whats the point… I got the arms off, head off, the white bit off, but I couldn’t bring myself to yank the skirt bit of the dress over the body in case of paint rubbing. Oh yeah, the stand… thats stupid too… why not just give her foot pegs like normal figures? I don’t care if she’s non-scale… Anyway… yeah…. and the 5000 yen RRP, complete joke. And even at 15% off, it still makes it 4250 yen… $48… $48 for 16cm of shoddiness…. *sigh* I should have cancelled and waited for a properly decent Haruka in uniform. Not the 10000 yen cold cast one though… arg…. I just want a nice one… still love my Clayz Haruka. […]

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