24th January 1984

The Superbowl of ’84 on the 22nd of January. What happened that was vaguely important? Well, not much, apart from the first ever Macintosh advert. Which was revolutional. We’ve all seen the advert right? On 100 Greatest Advert-type shows? Well if not ya must have been hiding in a REALLY deep hole. Heres the vid in case you have been living the trogledite life.

Now I didn’t actually remember much about that version of the advert. I remembered the Futurama spoof better. (From the Futurestock episode.) (Theres also the 1984 segment in a Halloween Simpsons episode. It’s sad that I’ve seen all the spoofs and parodies before the real thing… says something about our generation doesn’t it?) I didn’t realise how important the ad was. Even after seeing the 100 Greatest Adverts segment on it. (The White horses beer advert won at last count.) I’m not a Mac computer fan either, so it doesn’t affect me *as* much as Mac users lol. Much info of the intended message of the advert here. I totally forget it was directed by Ridley Scott before I read the wiki page lol. (Gotta love Wiki.) I love the fact they thought back then they were gonna ‘free the world'(from the Orwellian ‘1984’ type world seen in the advert), specially as they’re not gonna do any ‘freeing’ when their computers and other stuff are waaaaay expensive. And techonolgy wise, yes ipods/ifones etc are cool, but I can, and will continue to live without one.

And now for some cute Mac OS-tan imagery!


(Sourced here.)


(Sourced here. I likes her catgirl look lol. And the art style. Cute round face hehe)

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4 Responses to “24th January 1984”

  1. Persocom Says:

    cute OS-tans, and I remember seeing that advert somewhere, even though at the time it came out I was only 2 or so. I am not a mac fan. my first computer was a mac and it was pure fail. that was back in the mid 90s though XD

  2. Harts Says:

    Haven’t seen this original advert before, but as you I also have seen parodies of it (one was on Simpsons I think). Great to see the original.
    Not a Mac fan either, but nekomimi Mac OS-tan is definitely cute:)

  3. suki Says:

    Hmm, I haven’t seen the advert on tv.. ^^;
    I love OS-tan, they’re so cute~ >.<

  4. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: I don’t get it, lol. Was this a special show about adverts? Oddly, like I mentioned in my zazzle-dazzle post, my iMac is coming in a matter of days (actually today), so I’ll let u know how it goes. ^_^

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