Solid Theater Tama-chan 1/6th PVC Figure Review

Now Tama-chan really is a case of the ‘impulsebuyitus’ thats seems to be going around the otaku community like wildfire. I got her at the October Expo for £25. Good price for a 1/6th scale figure. She’s about 19cm tall, a fairly loli character compared to most of my collection.



(I’m sorry for the crap quality of photos, I took these before I worked out the new light set up lol)

A fairly basic outfit. But it’s pulled off well by a great sculpt and great paintwork to boot.



Very cute bow detail, and the straps on the shoes. As I said, its a simple outfit, but done well. Toning on the shoes and on the kimono bow. The colours are fairly plain throught the outfit, but its very cute. The hair is very cute, with some very subtly highlights at the front and lowlights at the back.



The only possible problem I could encounter with this figure is leaning. Her kimono sleeves are pretty heavy, but could be counter balanced by her mini-pigtail ribbons(the hair part is tiny, but the ribbons are long lol). If not that, her legs are very sturdy, so she should be fine. She has a tiny base aswell… which doesn’t help loads with the possible leaning issue lol.



She has a really cute face. VERY big eyes lol. Simple hair, kinda chunky, but very cute. Goes with the rest of the figure. If the hair was all detailed it just wouldn’t fit. The paint is lovely. Theres a cute flower print on the kimono sleeves, not much cloth-draping detail, but again, its a very simplistic figure. Goes for the moe rather than the detail. Love the frills on the apron though. And thigh high socks! :woot: The mould work is good too. The only noticable seam is on the right leg, left side, the leg legs seam is on the inside. It’s still not ghastly at any rate.

And… for the pantsu….


I was shocked and appauled when I saw this…. cute shimapan…. with a horrible suprise at the back….:shudder: The skirt is fairly easy to remove. But I dont wanna remove it anyway….. just did for the photos and when I first got her…

Overall, great figure, cute face, cute pose. Very moe. The workmanship is great too. This is my first Solid Theater figure, and I was not disappointed. Not really sure what she’s from, but its in the Maji Kyudo catagory on HLJ. I’m guessing its an original figure, nothing comes up from google searching it. Theres another figure, Maji-chan which goes with her, their legs can be swapped apparantly. And just today I found out her head comes off lol.

Originally Released – August 2006. Price – 5000 yen. Height – 19cm

Tis all for now! Probably more uni-related blogs to come!

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7 Responses to “Solid Theater Tama-chan 1/6th PVC Figure Review”

  1. aquilla Says:

    Don’t worry about Tama chan leaning. I’ve had her on my shelf since she was released 2 years ago and she is just as she was out of the box. She’s a very solid figure. I’d be really suprised if she does do a leaner on you.

  2. Persocom Says:

    very cute figure, but lol @ the pantsu.

  3. Matteas Says:

    Very cute. I love her apron and I loled at pantsu. This is the first time I’ve seen something like that.

  4. aquilla Says:

    About the panties, I don’t get it XD I was like wtf too. The other figure in the set has a big gap in her panties too. It’s weird.

    Also thanks for the kind comments about Lilly. To answer your question she is about 55cm tall, give or take a bit depending what shoes she’s wearing lol.

  5. Coco the Bean Says:

    So cute! I saw her for 20 USD before (I think that’s around £16?) and I’m kinda kicking myself for not buying her. ;_; Didn’t know she was cast-offable lol.
    I think she’s a mascot for a magazine, but she’s also a character in Bottle Fairy.

  6. Blowfish Says:

    LOL whats up with that pantsu?
    I most certainly didntb expect something like that

    Meimi=Pervert confirmed ^^

  7. Mary Says:

    This is from the anime Bottle Fairy.

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