Your thoughts on the new WP Dashboard?

This only applies if your a user at the moment(.orgs will be getting it soon, don’t fret!).
I’m not sure how I feel about it so far… I need time to adjust I know that… but it feels weird after almost 5 months of a top-bar system. Now we’re using a left side-bar system. It only changed about 2 hours ago…. I didnt even have a chance to say goodbye…:sob:
Not sure about the new set of icon/button things either. Then again, they’re so small it’ll barely affect me I’m sure. It’s meant to be faster though…. which is a plus I spose… but I have yet to see… the ‘QuickPress’ feature is pretty cool I must say. Does save time for quick little entries.(Like this).

(We have to enter the link URL ourselves now??? wth....)

(We have to enter the link URL ourselves now??? wth....)


Anyways, not much I can do about it even if I don’t like it. I’ll have to get used to it. What do ya’ll other WP users think of the change anyways? This is just me after all, I’m not big on change of any sort lol. (I still prefer the chunky tv’s, older DS’s, thicker PSP’s etc lol)


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4 Responses to “Your thoughts on the new WP Dashboard?”

  1. Panther Says:

    2.7 will screw up plugins for sure for people that use their own hosts. Fsck.

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Bah, I don’t see how a left-right bar would be any faster than a top-side bar~ perhaps a right-side bar (for righties like me, lol). At least, offer the option for either. Luckily, by having my own, I don’t have to upgrade with the times, lol. >_<

  3. Persocom Says:

    I guess this doesn’t really affect me much because I just started out a test blog on wordpress today, to see how I like it and if I’ll be moving there from blogger, so I’m just getting used to wordpress and the changes aren’t really hitting me.

  4. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Okay, I get the 1984 thing now. Basically a history lesson. Haha, Mac stole from a company called Windows? But I once saw a based-on-real-life TV show about where Bill Gates is portrayed to steal ideas from Steve Jobs!

    Ah, I see. WordPress 2.7. Yeah, fewer clicks would definitely help. What? Never in a rush? Three posts a day seems pretty hasty to me, lol. ^_^;

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