Kotobukiya Miko Saimyouzi ~Pia Carrot~ 1/8th PVC Figure Review

Time for another figure review. This time it’s Miko Saimyouzi from Pia Carrot. Released back in November of  2006.  A figure I’d seen in stock on numerous sites and kept putting off buying her, untill I saw her at the October Expo for £30. (I’d seen her for less on certain sites, but I’d have to wait for them to track her down and send her. So getting her at Expo seemed like a better idea lol.) (Am undergoing a photo-switch, newer, better photos, bear with me lol)



She’s a very pinky-girly figure. But she looks great.




Lets start with the sculpt. Miko looks as if shes standing in a breeze, her skirt being blown in the wind, her hair floating gently. Most of my figures are fairly static, bar a few, like Corti, Konomi and a few others. Miko’s windswept look is a nice change. And the actual execution of this figure is top notch. The frills of the skirt, the apron, the kimono sleeves, it just looks brilliant. The face is the only bit I would quibble with, the nose seems a little thin, and the mouth looks a a bit strange. But overall shes still a brilliant looking figure. She’s from around the same time as my Sana Horiuchi(Jan 2007). Another top notch figure from Kotobukiya, and the fact its from the same series, Pia Carrot, suggests that the same production quality was put into both figures, even though they’re 2/3 months apart in release. And if you’re wondering, she’s not castoffable. Not really an issue for me lol. Especially not with an uber-pretty figure like this.




As you may have noticed, there is some shine to her, her hair in particular. Looks shinier in photos sadly, sorry. This figure has a great range of tones. In her hair, on her skirt, her chestical area, Her legs are lovely, though mostly hidden by the billowing skirt. She’s standing at quite a strange angle, her left leg bent a little compared to the right. He shoes are gorgeous. Brown boots with laces all the way up.(Close up of them later)


The decoration on the kimono arms is so pretty. A white print of flower petals or leaves. And I love the little pudgy carrot that appears on most of the Pia Carrot figures. The Pia Carrot badge too. Have there really been 5 games???

Miko has to have one of the biggests busts in my collection, Her main competition being Tamaki, Chie and maybe Haruka. Not sure about my figures back home. Miko also have a teeny-tiny waist. Exsenuated by the tightly fitting apron and kimono-dress thing. (I called it a thing because the skirt doesn’t seem to be part of a traditional kimono…)

feet Are the boots not lovely? Properly laced and shaded so they stand out more. The sole of the boot is a different colour too.


The detail on the apron is lovely The little flowers, and you can see the print on the kimono. Plus the tie on the apron, the paintwork is very good. Very neat. Very few slip ups.


Tiny waist , huge bubbies. Not so big they’re gross though.


Closest thing I could get to a pantsu shot. It’s very dark up there lol. You can see how thin her legs are though. Very little shape. Which usually I don’t like. But the skirt covers them, so it’s all good lol.

So, this 19.5cm tall lovely was a worth while buy indeed. Since she was released back in 2006 she won’t be *that* common, but sometimes in the UK it doesn’t matter. With the To Heart figures for example. They pop up all over the place. Same for some of the RAH DX Gundam figures. Seriously though, if you see this figure for a good price, and have been considering buying her for a while, I’d go for it.


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2 Responses to “Kotobukiya Miko Saimyouzi ~Pia Carrot~ 1/8th PVC Figure Review”

  1. Persocom Says:

    This reminds me that I have yet to watch Pia Carrot. Another anime to add to my never-ending watch list. She looks good, and innocent. and I’m curious as to her anime personality ^^

  2. suki Says:

    Hmm, I’m not familiar with her origins at all but, she looks great! Thanks for the review m(_ _)m

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