132. The number of figures I have accumulated. (This isn’t counting all the pokemon gashapon and stuff too… would be higher lol) (It was originally 129, but I forgot about some figures I didn’t count…. the 1/10th Sakura, the 1/5th fig and my Princess Ai doll. I’m so glad it’s 132!! How perfect is that?? 132!! (I swear it wasn’t planned…. I won’t say I didn’t look around to check for figures I’d forgotten about though lol))

132 figures. Thats including PVC, posable(Figma, Revoltech, Shinki, Nendoroids and a doll or two) and mini figures.

38 PVC 1/10th to 1/5th scale
18 Posable, Figma’s to 1/6th FF figures to a Princess Ai doll.
76 Mini figures, from Puchi Nendo’s, trading figures, bigger gachapon, PSE mini figs to Figumates.


Ok, IT Crowd over, I got distracted too… lol I found the other pic, but this was taken before I packed up Chie, Corti and others I brought to Uni with me…


Righto, thats an updated photo. All figures that remain at home are crammed on top of that. Not all the mini figures… just some… But my Pikachu car is there lol. There are many of my girls there though. And some of my guys. Hardly any thought compared to the female figures lol.

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12 Responses to “132”

  1. Arron Burford Says:

    Care to donate some to the “Burford figurine Fund”?

    seriously, that’s loads of figures! I is muchos jealous, and I see that strategically placed figure obscuring the photo!
    Mind you, I *love* the yellow dressed on in the 2nd pic, to the left of Nendo Miku. Tis yummy ^_^

  2. Blowfish Says:

    I thought i was bad but i give you hereby the Figure Otaku Award 08.
    Go snatch some pics of your babies at home!

    I always wondered whats up with the 132 in your name?

  3. Persocom Says:

    wow, that’s a healthy amount of figures you got there. was 132 originally just random?

  4. optic Says:

    I double-click on the 2nd image and I saw the warning sticker at the top of the shelf where ur not support to overload. Well, u just did that with figures. lol
    132 is ur lucky number. U were destined to have 132 figures (and more on the rate ur going. xD)

  5. koshiko Says:

    So many~ *o* I wouldn’t know where to keep all of those, main reason I haven’t bothered to start collecting [plus my room gets dusty fairly easily >.<;].
    Also… in the first photo, the figure on the far right next to the ’27 dresses’ dvd, was that intentional? xD;;

  6. Panther Says:

    Even counting the ones I want to sell I still have about 37 completed PVC (including 1 action figure), so WTF lol. That is seriously a lot.

  7. Rin Says:

    That is a lot of figures!!!!!
    I haven’t count mine sadly…
    I say my figure collection grown quite a bit this year…it’s pretty big!!!!!
    Still 132 is pretty huge!!!!!!!

  8. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Wow. But I’m not 100% convinced yet, lol. Define “mini figure”? Oh, and did u get my reply for GoDaddy? Koshiko had some suggestions too. Plus finally made my full post, lol. Time for bed soon… zzzzz. >_<

  9. koshiko Says:

    Hey Meimi~ Interesting way of replying directly to my blog =D
    Did you end up registering the domain? A trusted domain register I recommend if you want whois privacy is namecheap.com, they currently have it for free. At the time I got my domain I wasn’t working so I needed the cheapest deal [plus the au$ was pretty high at the time], that’s probably the only reason I went with GoDaddy.

    I’d recommend registering your name immediately if you did a search for your domain on godaddy, they have a bad reputation for registering domains that have been searched for using their form =/

  10. Coco the Bean Says:

    Wowza, that’s a lot of figures!
    Btw, I saw your blurb on dannychoo. Congrats on getting meimi132.com!

  11. koshiko Says:

    Congrats on the purchase of your new domain~! If you need any more help or advice of any sort [even installing WP if you plan to, I’ve done it a few times already for friends, one more won’t hurt ;3], please don’t hesitate to contact me x3

  12. Figure Shelves & Tower - Update « Meimi132 no Itonami Says:

    […] This of course, isn’t my complete collection. I have quite a chunk at home. Along with quite a few of my To Heart girls. The rest of my collection can be seen in previes blog posts I think… just have to find them lol… Ah, didn’t take as long as I thought. Tis here. […]

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