Max Factory Makoto Sawatari – To get or not to get, that, is the question…

I have… finally found a place where Makoto is in stock…. only problem is, she’s about £58. And the most I’ve spent on any figure is £40… I know I’ll have to step up the price bracket sometime… specially with the recession…. but £58 for a 1/8th scale, fairly small figure. About 17.5cm apparantly, I know she’s bending over though lol, she’s taller than Ayu, and Ayu(also available on this site) costs more… I want her too….:sob: I’m so glad I’ll have christmas money soon…. will solve many figure issues….

From HappySoda

From HappySoda

From Howagirlfigures

From Howagirlfigures

From Mukyaa

From Mukyaa

What I want to know is, would you (or did you pay more or less than) £58, or £88 dollars roundabouts, for this figure? I know she’s pretty hard to get, and she’s gorgeous AND my favourite Kanon character, AND its Max Factory, so quality is assured, and on all the reviews I’ve seen, she’s just lovely… but is £58 more than its worth? Or have some of you paid more for similar sized figures?

Reviews for her available on Mukyaa, HappySoda and Howagirlfigures.


An image of Makoto and the darling Nayuki.(I want the Resinya figure of her… 1/6th scale… saw her for £55 at an expo… more than I was prepared to pay at the time sadly….) From Moe Imouto. Full size is supplied here.

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3 Responses to “Max Factory Makoto Sawatari – To get or not to get, that, is the question…”

  1. optic Says:

    thanks to Dancing Queen review, I got her the instant she was made back available at Hobby Search. I don’t even know why I canceled her at HLJ in the first place.
    I would recommend to get her while u still have the chance. This could be ur LAST chance EVER. Believe me, it happens and I’m not just talking for myself as well. ^^

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Okay, I have her… But gimme a minute to check my archives… Okay, in Oct 2007, paid about 5100 + 2000 shipping = 7100 yen at Hobby Search. Which… is… 53.3 pounds. Ah, considerable difference from your 58. Ultimately, it comes down to~ how much is she worth to u? Then again, I was so moved by Kanon, that I also got the rest of the cast (Ayu, Nayu and Mai too), lol. No sick girl. She wasn’t made. >_<

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: So I guess u answered your own question: Get it! Yeah, fragile yet powerful series. Like glass. Uh-oh, an idea just popped into my head~ Do a Kanon photoshoot with the 4 figures? Problem is~ it would be snow-themed, lol. Snow. Bahhh, no more snow. >.<

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