Going to see Twilight tonight…

I don’t know if I’m looking forward to it, or dreading it…. because it might rip to shreds the decent book….I’ve read *nearly* all the books(am half way through the last one, I normally only read on public transport, too many distractions at home… I’ve had the book for months and still not finished it…:sob:) and I won’t lie, I loved them. I didn’t think I would since they seemed like mushy-girly crap. But then again… I love Clannad, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ouran, Lovely Complex and many other mushy girly-crap series… But this is vampires…. and werewolves… tweenagers and teenagers and mothers alike squeal over the guys in this book…

Again, I won’t lie, Edward rocks, and Jacob rocked in the 2nd book, but not anymore… I’m not like a squealing fangirl of this. Of David Tennant, yes I am. But Twilight, I just really like the books, and enjoyed reading them, they were(to me)well written and compelling. I even go two of my friends into them, one by accident, but she is a MASSIVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, so it was bound to happen lol.

As for the movie… I’m aprehensive… mainly for the reason of the actor they got to play Edward, Robert Pattinson. He is NOT Edward…. I didn’t like him in Harry Potter either… *SPOILER*some of my friends cried when he died at the end of the 4th movie. I shared no such tears.

I’ll admit he’s got the hair, and the pale skin, but facially, he’s not Edward. Just as Jacob is, well… not Jacob…. He’s about a foot too short and his hair is NOT meant to be that long in the first book….

Anyways…. just needed a little rant….needed to vent a little…. I swear I’m not one of the squealing-mega-fangirls of Twilight. I like the books as I liked Jpod and other Douglas Coupland titles.(Go Canada! :woop:) I’ll report back on what they did to the movie later on tonight……

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One Response to “Going to see Twilight tonight…”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Muhaha! Well, it’s good to have low expectations, then it’ll turn out better than you thought!

    Happy Birthday Meimi! Enjoy the movie ^^

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