Happy Birthday to Me!!! & Twilight Insight

Obtained at Kojioe's blog. Couldn't find any good ones on MI...

Obtained at Kojioe's blog. Couldn't find any good ones on MI...

It is now officially my birthday! 19 years ago at this time, I was born. 01:25 in the UK. My poor parents… kept up in the middle of the night lol. Anyways, birthday stuff going on tomorrow.Various relatives visiting, Grandma, cousins, auntie etc. I’m going out for a meal in the evening, but other than that, not really doing anything. Haven’t had a proper birthday party in years. Not since I was…*thinks* …like… 11? Maybe 10…. When I was really young I had proper parties, with bouncy castles and ball pits and party food and party games(pass the parcel, musical chairs etc). They were all held at this place called, funnily enough, Birthdays. lol. Imaginative much? (Link to Kojioe’s blog.)

Anyways, onto the Twilight related business. Anyone who knows they don’t like the series, turn away now, anyone who would like an insight into the crazy fangirl-ridden world of Twilight, read on, and those who already know and love the Twilight saga, read on! You know you wanna! Think of what images I might have included? lol

Now, first off, it was better than I expected it to be. Alot of the places in the book actually looked like I thought they would. Not the Cullen’s house though… I thought it was older… I’d have to reread bits to check I didn’t misread things the first time round though. And the movie did, mesmerise me like the books did originally. When the Cullen kids walked into the canteen in school. It worked. And I think I’m getting used to Robert Pattinson as Edward, I will NEVER get used to Jacob… but its Edward ftw anyways, so it’s fine lol. The american accent for Pattinson helped alot. He’s still not Edward like Edwards meant to be though… But I do think he’s the closest we’re going to get, since there arn’t that many DECENT younger male actors out there who could get away with playing Edward. Getting the wrong person would completely shatter the dreams of many young girls lol. Pattinson wasn’t nearly as cringe-worthy as I thought he’d be. He pulled it off. I think he looks good at most angles, but from certain angles, uber-hot. Like the one below. It might be because this shot reminds me of a different actor actually… lol…

This is my fave shot of Pattinson as Edward. I don't remember seeing it in the movie though... I may have been trying to scoop the last of my slushie from the bottom of the cup at the time... damn...

This is my fave shot of Pattinson as Edward. I don't remember seeing it in the movie though... I may have been trying to scoop the last of my slushie from the bottom of the cup at the time... damn...

The rest of the Cullens were…. better. Better than Edward anyways. I really liked the guy they got for Carlisle. I wish he was in it more… Alice is just as lovely as she should be. Jasper just looked scared throught the whole thing lol. Rosalie was a bitch, like she should be, Esme was lovely and motherly, like a mother should be. I was indifferent about Emmett. He never really stood out for me.

As for the pace of the movie, it was fine. I know it sped through certain parts, but at least it included those bits. It did miss bits out… but I’d like to see any movie of a novel that size get everything in. We know Harry Potter couldn’t do it, not even with the first one, and that was shorter than Twilight. I liked Forks,(the town Bella is now living in.) Forks was how I imagined it pretty much. That made me smile.

I weigh up movies by this, would I buy them on DVD full price when they come out? Like I did with Cloverfield and Iron Man. I think I would with Twilight. Partially because I want to be completist and own everything to do with the books, but mostly because it is a good movie. One of the better book-movies I’ve seen at any rate. I need to find out what other Twilight fans think…

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10 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!! & Twilight Insight”

  1. sahar009 Says:

    Happy birthday! Good post, but it didn’t give me any insight on Twilight obsession 😉

  2. optic Says:

    is it a coincidence we have the same birthday on the same day? 😉
    Happy Birthday Meimi132. :3

  3. koshiko Says:

    Happy Birthday~! Take photos of the party~ [lol, or not, just make sure you have fun ;3]
    I see Optic has posted already, was going to mention you guys share the same birthday xD

    I’ve read the novels [except the last one maybe?] and enjoyed them, haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet. I think the main way to see how popular a series really is, is by the amount of fanfics that pop up xD;; Well, that’s my guide at least lol.

  4. Panther Says:

    Happy birthday. 2 more years to 21. 😉

  5. lightningsabre Says:

    I already said in puchi blurb, but happy birthday Meimi-chan! And in case you missed it, the list has everyone’s birthday that’s been mentioned on Danny’s site in one way or another. I’ve been trying to keep track of everybody. Oh and don’t forget to wish noob a happy birthday on the 25th 🙂

  6. suki Says:

    Happy Birthday! May you day be filled with love, laughs and lovely gifts!
    Have a brilliant Christmas ^o^

  7. Blowfish Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Sucks to have birthday short before christmas eh?
    Less Birthday and Christmas gifts!

  8. gordon Says:

    happy birthday. 19 years young not old. ^^;

  9. Harts Says:

    Happy Birthday! And Merry Christmas!

  10. Persocom Says:

    Happy Birthday! 19, oh how I wish I was that age again.

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