Megahouse Meer Campbell 1/6th Doll

I got Meer on Saturday. Have been very lazy about the blogging lately… tis the holidays, much fun to be had. Mainly involving varying foods and tv lol. Meet is lovely. I’ve never seen Gundam Seed Destiny myself. But I’ve got a couple of mini figures from the series, and now Meer.


She’s got a great face. Very docile, And the hair is nice too. I know it had a big price tag when it was first released, which is a shame, but quality wise, she is great. Even though the hair is actually hollow, it looks great, and bends, so you don’t have to worry so much about breakages. Apparantly its an obitsu body. Whatever that means… I know I’ve heard it before… but not sure in regards to what…

Multi was bought at the same time. As you can see.

Multi was bought at the same time. As you can see.


She *just* stands on her own. But she's wobbly lol

She *just* stands on her own. But she's wobbly lol


She's still in the same place at the moment, different position though.

She's still in the same place at the moment, different position though.

Her top is unzippable. Though you can’t take it off completely without some… alterations. Which is rather annoying yes. Theres a little bit of metal at the bottom of the zip which keeps it on. I’ve take it off. Since I want to dress her in different things too someday…


Cute face, more mature, but very cute. The eyes are a bit glossy, but no matter.


There are no extra hands, which is a mighty shame, because extra hands would be awesome with this figure, You can take these out like figma hands, only with less resistance lol. Rubbery feel to them, bendy fingers. Least they won’t snap.


Her leg joints. Good thing she’s wearing thigh-highs really lol. But they work well. You can’t get the foetal position like with Busou Shinki though. Although she has got a bendy spine, and her neck. It’s very strange… a bendy spine… very good… but weird lol. Never seen it on figures before. Or dolls. How about Dollfies and other BJD’? I didn’t think they had working spines, but I’d never had the pleasure of seeing one first hand.


Shot of her with her top unzipped. Also, slightly disturbingly, she’s not like a barbie, her bubblies are squishy. Only because of the soft hollow plastic torso, but it was still suprisingly to find out… Like her neck, also soft, movable plastic. The purple bra thing matches the purple panties. The panties are not pretty though. Much too high waisted…



The accesories you get with her are the bag you can see there, and the black high heeled shoes to the her left.



The little jacket itself is very nicely made. Same for the skirt. I can imagine the skirt getting a tad flatter over time thought lol.


As you might be able to tell…. she’s anatomically correct in the eye departmant… unlike barbies and the Love Hina manga. And…. if you really wanna see…. here…

I still must say, she has a lovely face. Delicate features. Nice outfit. Very posable. Whether or not she was worth the 12800 yen she was being sold for, and still is being sold for on HLJ…didn’t realise lol….

Soooo thats it for now. I’ve got a dinner with all my high school friendlies tonight. Was going to be at the chinese resturant down the road from school, but now its changed to ‘The Stag’ a pub-type affair. Was looking forward to chinese, so am a tad disappointed, but still get to see all my friends, so its still all good.

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8 Responses to “Megahouse Meer Campbell 1/6th Doll”

  1. Dukester Says:

    20 euros for this seems like a great deal. I dont have dolfies myself, but it looks good enough to not be compared to barbies. I just love Meer though, she looks even nicer when not wearing her slutty usual clothes 😀

  2. acesan Says:

    Really cute figure .. err … doll! I’m a Meer Fan (I like her version of Lacus song more) so I really wouldn’t mind this figure … doll. But no way am I paying 12800 yen for her !

  3. lightningsabre Says:

    LoL almost anatomically correct. It’s not pink enough XD Nice review, and surprised at the squishy “eyes” since dolls aren’t usually made squishy ^^;

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Im suprised that she has pupils!
    She looks like a toy for big barbie lovers ^^

  5. Matteas Says:

    Wow, she’s awesome. Bendy spine, you say, that sounds interesting.

  6. anon Says:

    Take some pics of her just wearing the underwear?

  7. L63player Says:

    Hi! I want to ask you; Can you change wigs in her?

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