Persona 3 Fes

I’ve finally got round to spending some real time playing Persona 3 Fes. And I’m really enjoying it. All aspects of it. The battles, the sim, the dating sim part. So far I’ve got no female friends apart from the little girl, Maika. Which sucks! Because I’ve got a book cover that I wanna give someone! lol

(Click the image to go to Moe Imouto to get the fullsize version, will be the same for the rest.)

(Click the image to go to Moe Imouto to get the fullsize version, will be the same for the rest.)

I’ve love to get Yukari…but I’ve got next to no clue how to woo the girls in this lol. It was easy in Harvest Moon lol. Chocolate, eggs and flowers worked just fine. I know quite a few people have played this, and I’m quite a late comer to the series. I only chose to buy it because someone said it was quite visual-novelesque in certain parts. Which tempted me… I called my character Kyle Kuroyama. Kuroyama is the Japanese name I’ve chosen to use for most things, and Kyle is the one I always use to Harvest Moon games, and male characters in games where I have to choose names. I was gonna spell it Kaioru as the phonetic katakana spelling of Kyle.

Click to the Moe Imouto image page.

Click to the Moe Imouto image page.

I’m not sure how often I’m supposed to battle… I’ve been trying for every 2 days. Because if one of my team gets tired, I need to rest them, so having a lazy day works well. And I beat the first boss just fine. And I’m *almost* to the top of the first block…but I’ve missed a few deadlines…

I’m now gonna go play it for a bit… after this episode of Ally McBeal has finished. lol. I’ve got a New Years Sleepover to attend this evening too. I’ll be off for 7:30.

Click to go to the Moe Imouto image page.

Click to go to the Moe Imouto image page.

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5 Responses to “Persona 3 Fes”

  1. Hibiki Says:

    You should get Persona 4 after you are done with FES. Check gamefaqs for answers to the S.Link questions

  2. Phil Says:

    I just got Persona 3 FES this month too! I’m only 8 hours in, but I’m loving it. =3

  3. Persocom Says:

    Ah, I don’t know much about Persona. When I saw FES I immediately thought of Chaos;Head.

  4. gundamjehutykai Says:

    Yay, another P3 fan. At the moment, I just recruited Aegis and learned a bit about some event which happened on the school ground 10 years prior.
    Currently I have social links with the classmate, Maiko, The kendo team, Yuko (the manager of the sports team), Bebe (transfer student), the old couple, The gormet king, a MMORPG player, the student council and another girl who’s name I have forgotten (even though I’m supposed to be dating her).

    My personal target is Mitsuru but it’s fun to tease all the girls when you get given questions to answer.

  5. jose Says:

    hey you don`t have any tricks? my game was deleted and i lost all my plume of dusk and i dont belive the shadow before the last was so powerfull and in my third turn i die

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