The Making of….


As you may have read, I recieved my obitsu starter pack on sunday. Not really a starter pack, but its got everything I needed to make my own. Read on to find out how I got on!

First off, I was determined to get the eyes on the head. The instructions are very simple to follow, very easy to use, thank god.


Very simply, you cut out the eyes you want, (because you’re given a variety of sizes, depends on the head size after all) make sure theres as little border as posible, soak the piece of card/thick paper with the eye on in some water, I’m using a Nutella jar lid, very good for this, cos its much shallower than a glass like used on the guide images. I didn’t have any tweasers either, but I managed.


Look ma! No brows!! lol, I got the placement almost exactly where I wanted, and moving the transfers about doesn’t damage them, they’re very durable. Now you may have noticed I must have cut the eyebrows seperately, as it says in the guide, I thought it would be terribly fiddly, but like the eyes, very simply, you just gently, after soaking for about 10 seconds or so, slide the transfer off the paper and onto the face, using whatever you like, tweezers or something, I just used my fingers I thinks hehe.

Only looks that shiney because of the photo, in real life its nothing as bad as that lol.

Only looks that shiney because of the photo, in real life its nothing as bad as that lol.

Making sure there are no bubbles behind the eyes is tricky…. I didn’t notice one at first, but smoothed it out using a cotton bud, which is apparantly a q-tip according to the guide… I was suprised…… Are cotton buds really q-tips??? Anyway… sidetracked much…. lol



Very small feet, too small proportionately, but I spose thats so they can fit the shoes, if the feet were the right size, the shoes would look too big, or something…. I have a pair of black boots on the way, and a Magic Warrior outfit, looks like a magician/rpg outfit lol, very cute, comes with shoes too. I’ve got her a school uniform kinda thing too, a jumper and a plaid skirt, with black tights. I have Meers long black socks, so thats cool.

Now… I didn’t think getting the head on would be such a chore… but apparantly it is…. it cause SO many problems… even caused the eyes to tear a bit… but you cant tell untill you look really closely, I rectified it after I got the head on… finally…. Getting the right size nobble bit too bloody ages too… I can see why people buy ready made ones. If they weren’t so damned expensive…. Anyways this is her. I don’t know what I’ll call her yet…


Right now she’s on my DVD player lol, Meer is on my TV, I just spread them about the spare room. What little is left… I’m wondering where I’m gonna put Shana…. I might stack the manga a different way, so more figures can be displayed… but when I go home… there really won’t be room… oh gosh….

I just heard from home that my Ayu arrived from Japan. I bought it from an ebay seller, I bartered the price down and got her for £50 including shipping. I think thats about right…. But she’s at home-home… and I’m at uni… MEGA-LAME. I’ve got a couple of things coming in the post though.. the Genshiken Fanbook, Firefly tv series, a spare battery for my camera, Fauna(WOOP)and with her, some clothing for my new obitsu doll, blondie hehe. I wonder what I’ll name her… I want some other wigs too…. Dang nabbit…. Too much… but the next part of my loan has come through… so much money… plus I still have xmas money to deposit… like £160 to deposit… was £175, but we went to the cinema today, saw Rolemodels(AWESOME) followed by Sex Drive(EVEN AWESOMER) It’s got the actor who played the young Dr Evil in Goldmember so well! I didn’t realise it was him till I checked! But I knew I recognised him from somewhere lol. Also has the spitting image of Rainn Wilson… tis weird….. but weirdly cute…lol Anyways. Goodies to come. I’m looking forward to them!!! Sleepytime now!!

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10 Responses to “The Making of….”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    sounds like a barbiedoll for big girls^^
    I spotted the difference between them tough.
    Ill wonder how shell look when shes ready

  2. Marshmallow Says:

    I’ve always found Obitsu’s fatty feet kinda cute ^^

    Also, I’m surprised the eyebrows went on so easy and look so nice, they seem like they’d be really hard.

  3. Evilotaku Says:

    god i had a go at this a while back and really screwed it up ….. and since you did it so easy i’m gonna crawl into a corner and cry in shame lol

  4. taketombo Says:

    I have to agree with the previous comments, you’ve done a great job applying the eyes and eyebrows but i don’t think i would have the patience or skill myself XD
    Well done!

  5. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: LOL, problems, problem, problems! So will she be your blog mascot too?… But the best part: “Firefly” DVD boxset. What took u so long? ^o^

  6. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Hey, thanx! I had fun making that “Fumie” video, lol… Ah, I see! I caught “Firefly” when it first broadcasted in 2002. Loved it ever since! Even wrote some fanfics and drew some original characters (including my genius-pilot Lucky Yoshikawa who reminds me of Mimi with a British accent), haha.

    P.S. Jayne is awesome. Especially his DVD Easter-egg. Nudge-nudge, lol. ^_^

    P.P.S. Hey, since your added this “Notify me of followup comments via email” feature, there’s no more reason to jump from blog to blog, is there?

  7. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: Ahh, too bad about the BBC channels… Speaking of which~ I finally watched “Doctor Who at the Proms”. Wow, haha, pretty funny but pretty good production too! Glad I downloaded it. ^o^ Yeah, every sensible sci-fi-anime geek’s gotta write some fanfics, right? Haha, Jaynestown related? Yup! LOL, how *ever* did u know? That’s what I love about that show. Always a little tragedy in a comedy tale. Yet always a little comedy in a tragedy tale. Lemme know if-when u find it, lol. ^_^

    P.S. Ah, I see! Never thought of it as *cheating*. I just figured it was a *non-feed* solution to comment notification, lol. Then no worries… Fellow bloghopper.

  8. Persocom Says:

    nice! I want to buy something like this for my wife for our anniversary (even if it’s not on time) since those dollfies are SOOO expensive. You did a great job of applying the eyes/brows. Do you think it’d be a better idea to put the head on before applying them considering how much trouble you had doing it? Asking just in case my Riiana ends up getting something like this.

  9. xJAYMANx Says:

    M132: Replied to your “Black God” comment, lol.

  10. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: Replied to your “Digimon” comment, hehe.

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