Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review

This be the title card for the show
This be the title card for the show

I downloaded this a few weeks ago because someone said it was a funny trap series. And I must say I agree. It was very enjoyable, cute and funny. I’ll definately be following it, its my first choice of the winter season aswell. I’m still watching Clannad After Story of course, watched episode 13 a few days ago…..:sniff:…Clannad makes me so emotional…..dammit… Anyhow, onto the episode. Screenshot heavy, be aware.

The premise of this show is not new, I’ve heard of/seen other all girl school/crossing dressing capers before. But this has the exception, which not many series have, of a tall girl main character, which I’m just bound to watch. I watched Lovely Complex based on this lol. AND this tall girl is also a perv, letching on all the so-called girls. So we have the reverse effect, which is funny and something we don’t see too often.

Intresting shot, not fanservice either, usually a low andle shot like this would mean pantsu.

Intresting shot, not fanservice either, usually a low andle shot like this would mean pantsu.

Am loving the character design. Cute but elegant girlies.

Am loving the character design. Cute but elegant girlies.













I knew ‘she’ was a trap…. yet I still looked so hard to see if I could spot any masculinities… Not obvious ones at any rate. It reminds me of Ouran in some aspects.


My mental reaction would probably be very similar to hers… If a guy said it that is. Heck, any compliments a good compliment, even better when its coming from a cute guy lol.


Again, same reaction lol. Love the 80’s style art lol. More of that later too.


Like this illustration too. Pretty.




LOVE this face. So cute!!

Dirty little hentai.... lol

Dirty little hentai.... lol




Watch to find out what exactly is happening here. lol





Love this gal’s expressions. She’s just great.






As I said, alot of screenshots. Many, many screenshots. It has been quite a while since I reviewed any anime mind. Surely been cos of my lazyness. Maria+Holic looks to be thoroughly enjoyable, and hopefully it’ll continue to be so. With cute designs and comedy to boot, its sure to be a fan favourite, trap-series seem to be popular from what I’ve read on DannyChoo.

Some other series I’ve dl’d to try out are Kurokami(Black God), which has been released in England in its Manwha form. And from what I’ve heard the series is being shown in America, dubbed, at the same time of Japanese release. White Album is another, one I picked purely on the basis of pretty, and its based on a game from the same company who made the To Heart games, Leaf. Those I’ve already watched, along with Akikan, got the early release of that…. not sure if I’ll continue, but Kurokami and White Album, along with Maria+Holic are definate yesses. I also have Asu no Yoichi, Sora wo kakeru shoujo and Rideback. Haven’t got round to watching them yet. But I got a lie in tomorrow, so I might watch one tonight.

What are ya’ll choosing to follow for the winter season? If anything?

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3 Responses to “Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Ooh I love Maria+Holic! Best winter series so far… well in contest with sister anime MariMite xD

    Hopefully it will develop well! It has such potential. xD

  2. lightningsabre Says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to the 2nd episode. I’ve been waiting to watch this show since the beginning of fall season when I thought that’s when it started XD

    And un… I’m not sure if Kurokami is a manwha or manga, because the artist may be Korean, but the writer is Japanese and it was released in Japanese format. I took me a while to realize that I was reading it from right to left 0.o

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: {Scrolls hastily to avoid spoilage} Well, since “Maria+Holic” has been mentioned a bit, might as well try it too, right? Then again, I still have tons of series ~ both new and old ~ gathering dust beside me… P.S. Selecting “follow-up via email”, hehe.

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