Winter Season Pick ups

Click for high res.

Click for high res.

 I wasn’t sure I was gonna look at much for the Winter Season, apart from Maria+Holic for sure. But I decided to go ahead and try some that looked like I might like them.

Click for full res at Moe Imouto.

Click for full res at Moe Imouto.

Akikan was one I download solely because it was a pre-airing release, I doubt I’ll be continuing with it… though after watching episodes 1 and 2 I might feel obligated too…lol

Click for high res.

Click for high res.

White Album I decided to look at purely because it was based on a game by Leaf, who are also responsible for To Heart, which many of you might know if my favourite franchise. Episode one was good, it didn’t bore me, which I thought it might do, since its about idols and stuff, not my favourite area of otaku-dom, but White Album handled it well. Will be continuing with this for definate.

Click for high res.(DO IT)

Click for high res.(DO IT)

I love Kurokami, or Black God’s, artwork! Soooooo much!! It’s a manga, by koreans, which confused me for a bit, but the sound effects in the comic are in Japanese, not korean, so it is manga, not manwha… And it was first published in Japan I believe. I watched the first episode, only after I realised Kurokami=Black God. It never occured to me lol. I knew kuroi was black, and kami was god… so why I didn’t make the connection I don’t know lol. Either way, its good. A bit different to the manga, but good all the same. The art has retained a similar feel the manga has, and I love the manga’s artwork to bits. The first pic I saw of the anime was this one, which put me off a little, this was before I knew what it was lol.

Click for high res

Click for high res

 Sora wa Kakeru Shoujo is one I dl’d on a whim, I heard someone saying it was really good, so I thought I’d have a looksie. I was pleasantly suprised I must say. It was entertaining, and fun. And even more so, the seiyuu for Fuko Ibuki is in it!! Plays Imo-chan!!! The robot-meido thing!(Big yellow head in above pic lol) AND Jin-kun from Kannagi is in it!! I heard the guy talking, not even for that long and thought to myself ‘It can’t be Jin again….can it?’ And it was!!!! Just yay!! It’s coincidental he’s appearing in lots of things I’m watching/playing, but its awesome. He’s a great voice actor.

I have also downloaded Asu no Yoichi, which I haven’t watched yet, the op seems a bit fanservicey. But I did sit through Strike Witches and Sky Girls completely contently lol. Thats is for now. I’ll report back on Asu no Yoichi after I’ve watched it. For those who haven’t picked anime for this season, go here to check out whats new.

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3 Responses to “Winter Season Pick ups”

  1. gundamjehutykai Says:

    wow, you liked kurokami? I was left disappointed with the first ep and it wasn;t just because they changes so much from the manga (like introducing the little girl so early just to let her die, and how the main character is a scoolboy now instead of being much older and trying to make his way into games development)
    Just something was lacking, and I’m not a massive fan of the manga in the first place so I may very well drop it.

    Akikan was just plain wierd tho and I just can’t bring myself to get into white album…

  2. Panther Says:

    You liked Sorakake. :\ I found it to be for the lulz, seriously.

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Too… many… titles… to… watch…

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