Atsunehay Ikumay Igmafay Etgay + Oremay oodiesgay


Esterdayyay ymay Atsunhay Ikumay igmafay arrivedway! I’mway oooooosay adglay! I’veway eenbay aitingway agesway orfay erhay andway ethay usualway aceplay inallyfay adhay erhay inway ockstay, osay Iway utpay inway ethay orderway astlay eekway, itway asway eantmay otay ebay away 7 otay 14 ayday aitway orfay
emthay otay etgay oneway, utbay itway idn’tday eelfay atthay onglay ollay.

ANDWAY Iway eckedchay ymay emailway odaytay andway itway eemssay atthay ymay HLJAY orderway inallyfay ippedshay!!! :OOOOOOOWAY: Iway an’tcay aitway otay etgay itway!! Opefullyhay it’llway
arriveway ybay idayfray, aybemay aturdaysay, utbay ifway otnay, itsway ondaymay adlysay…. incesay ourway upidstay accomodationway officeway eoplepay on’tday oday ethay ailmay-oticesnay onway aturdaysay, osay Iway eitherway avehay otay ogay egbay ethay ecuritysay uardgay orway aitway illtay ondaymay…:
ulksay: Alsoway inway ecentray aysday, Iway otgay emay ymay inkpay orrilapodgay, andway Iway alsoway appenedhay otay orderway anway originalway Igimonday Irtualvay Etpay, ethay oneway atthay appearsway atway ethay eginningbay ofway ethay Igimonday Orldway onway Aystationplay. I’mway alsoway ookinglay
intoway away Eanclay andway Ogay Omay eluxeday igurefay omfray Allway-Eway. Ymay iendfray otgay ethay astlay oneway inway ethay Isneyday orestay. Iway ovedlay Omay omfray ethay oviemay, utbay Iway idn’tday ealiseray owhay awesomeway ethay oytay asway illtay Iway otgay otay eesay ethay oneway ymay iendfray oughtbay. Iway eednay otay aystay awayway omfray ebayway… Iway eallyray oday…

I’mway offway otay ayplay away ittlelay igimonday ownay. I’mway illstay aitingway orfay ewnay animeway eleasesray.


I was going to do it long hand… but I found an easier way lol….

I’m really enjoying Ride Back aswell. Watched the first episode 2 days ago, 2nd episode is out today. Op theme by Mell. Same band who did Sky Girls op theme.

Click link to source of pic. At Subculture Anime blog.

Click link to source of pic. At Subculture Anime blog.

I like the style, its not the usual kinda thing I go for, all cuteness and moe usually. But I downloaded this on a whim, and really enjoyed the first episode. Took a bit to get going I think, but its good. I’m usually swayed by the op titles if they’re by a band that did them for anime I’ve seen and liked before lol.

I’m gonna scan in my photos I did last week. Gotta do more this week. In the dark. Ooooki.

(The Hatsune Miku pic comes from HobbySearch.)

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4 Responses to “Atsunehay Ikumay Igmafay Etgay + Oremay oodiesgay”

  1. aquilla Says:

    Impossible post is impossible to read =(

  2. GNdynames Says:

    That’s Pig Latin? I thought it was just somewhat scrambled spelling with the first phoenoms (sp?) moved to the end and ay added to the end or something.

    Anyway, grats on your get and 30k hit!

  3. Harts Says:

    Must agree, Ride Back looks interesting and promising than some others. Will watch the 2nd episode tonight.

  4. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: OLLway, atwhay iddway ouyay aysay?

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