Running out of room…

My Miku on my DVD player lol.

My Miku on my DVD player lol.

I now have serious space issues… I have figures on my tv… on my DVD player… on my LCD moniter, I’m sure soon they’ll be some on the actual computer soon… when I need more room for the bigger figures.. the puchi nendo’s will have to move….oh dear…

(Oh, and I only have a small complaint regarding Miku, its that you can’t really move her head back very far. Thats kinda annoying if you ask me. I like the movement in the head especially. And the waist isn’t as posable as other figma. Shame, but she’s still uber-pretty.)
3 towers almost now.

3 towers almost now.

And with two more 1/8 scales on the way definately, I’ve no idea where I’m going to put them… I’ve got the MF Fauna and the MF Ayu coming, which is already at home… taunting me… I’ll have her next weekend though, when I go home to see Chris Addison stand up. Fauna is in the international parcelforce hub, so I’m guessing I’ll get her monday at earliest. But seriously, I’ve only got room for one more on the shelves if I don’t move some of the mini figures, there arn’t many anyway…

What do you guys do when you run out of room? Or when you run out of room what will you do?

On another winter-season-anime note, I’m really enjoying Ride Back. And MariaxHolic. I only just found out why its not listed on AnimeSuki. No worries though, there are other places anyhow. Tis a shame though.

Love Mell. Even though alot of their lyrics are completely incomprensable, I still love ’em. Mainly because they did the Sky Girls theme lol. And wows, its another mecha series. Involving the future and teenage girls lol. It’s all fun though, great soundtrack. ending theme is good too.

Love the art style, the faces are longer, smaller eyes, petite features. Still very pretty though.

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12 Responses to “Running out of room…”

  1. chun Says:

    I have the same feedback with U regarding the Miku Figma ^^; I also agree she’s uber well made lol! I am also running out of room ;_; (not from figures lol)

  2. tequilazu Says:

    It’s time for extra shelves 🙂

  3. Panther Says:

    Mell is good indeed, her club songs are really just above average though. And yea I knew Mell via Hayate no Gotoku’s first ED, and then later in Sky Girls’ OP. This OP of hers is not bad too, and RideBack looks to be the anime that gets the best praise all around the aniblogosphere for winter.

  4. orcinus Says:

    Extra shelves are good as well as hiding away the boxes. Frankly I control the space occupied by limiting the figures present. Like avoiding figure buying too often and avoiding buying in large amounts.

  5. Persocom Says:

    I’m enjoying RideBack as well, quite thoroughly. MariaHolic is alright too. There comes a time when you question what to do with all your boxes, and from the looks of it you’re at that point. Those empty boxes look like you could fit a tall shelf in their space. Oh well, I got lucky and my mom has a place I’m able to store my boxes… for now.

  6. optic Says:

    My way in fixing up my space problem is getting rid of the boxes. Yes, I heard many people say, they will keep them no matter what but I threw away the ones where I know I won’t sell in the future.
    Unless, u have a better way to store them, that’s my best suggesting atm.

    I’m behind in all of my series especially last season. I haven’t even started on Claannad ~After Story~ yet. T_T

  7. jusuchin85 Says:

    @optic: I’m guessing she’s keeping the boxes so that next time it would be easier for her to transport it when she needs to.

    Do you have a corner in your room to store it? That’s where I place all my figure boxes (although I don’t have that much of boxes ^^).

    I’m loving RIDEBACK as well! Too bad that it is a short series, but I’m looking at the potential of it. Could be really, really good…or really, really bad. Have you watched White Album? Really my favourite love story this season; almost like True Tears even.

    p/s: The link to my blog in your blogroll is the old one. The new one is above. Just thought I point that out to you ^^

  8. loli1983 Says:

    Meimi: You ever thought of renting a storage room? Do they have those in UK? We got places like that called Public Storage with monthly rates. For some reason i’ve been thinking of that myself seeing as there is a lot of junk in my apartment. Plus with the HDTV conversion in America in mid February, we’re gonna have unused TV’s here and they’ll be a nuisance to have around for no reason.

  9. Blowfish Says:

    I couldnt stand to see my figures as cramped up as yours on the shelf.Im running into storage problems aswell right now.Getting a new detolf or new shelfs are the options right now.No idea what ill use

  10. Otaku Dan Says:

    I would throw them out if I had that many or at least store them away in a closet im a manner that makes them fit

  11. daemonseed Says:

    Looks like time to redecorate and put up more shelves. I really like that ‘wall ‘O boxes’ paint too.

    Miku looks adorably huggable =3

  12. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M-chan: Hmmm, no more room under the bed?

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