Finally Flickring

Apparantly I didn't put this with the post about her... weird, its one of my fave pics. So anyways, including it with this as a random image lol

Apparantly I didn't put this with the post about her... weird, its one of my fave pics. So anyways, including it with this as a random image lol

I blog, I’ve twittered, I’ve deviantarted, I’ve drunkducked, I’ve bebo’d and facebooked and myspaced and Gaia’d. But never before, have I flickred. lol The only ones which have stuck for any length of time are blogging and Gaia(still visit from time to time lol). (Btw, All these things can be found via a google search, over 8 million results for me… can’t be right lol. Apart from my facebook page…oh well.)

I’ve had the account since the 23rd of November last year, I got it so I could comment on some of Danny’s photos I think…. can’t really remember. Either way, I’ve finally decided to start using it. So, bit by bit, I’m uploading alot of the pics I’ve used for my blog, and the extra that I didn’t. So far there are 3 sets, soon to be 4. My page is here. I’m slowly adding tags to most pics too lol, long process even in batches lol. I hope I can keep up with flickr, but I think I’ll prefer just blogging really. Oh, before I forgot, does anyone know how to change which pics appear on your frontpage? Of the flickr photo stream I mean. EDIT: Just found out non-paying flickr users can only have 3 sets… well doesn’t that just suck…. nevermind… if I keep using it I might give in and pay the $24.99 for the year… thats only like £15 me thinks… still more than I’d like to pay really…

(Also, if your wondering what drunkducking is, I’d check the link lol)

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6 Responses to “Finally Flickring”

  1. gordon Says:

    u can change the order of your photos by changing the posted date of a pic. click on a pic, then click on the edit near the date, then go to “Date Posted” to change the date and time.

    btw non-pro member are entitled to 200 photos. after which if exceeded, your older pics will not show on your blog or anywhere else. it will still be inside flickr but won’t show up elsewhere.

  2. loli1983 Says:

    I’ll add you to my contacts. FlickR is great, better than photobucket in my opinion. Though after 200 picture uploads, they ask for a fee to continue posting unlimited photos along with unlimited space.

    Gaia as in Gaia online? I retired from Gaia because of how slow it was getting for me. The forum pulse would totally lag my internet connection. I’m actually an oldie there, since 2003. In fact if you want some stuff from my inventory plus some gold let me know.

    I’ve heard of Twitter and Facebook but i never bothered really getting into it. I have an active MySpace though. I try not to register to too many communities because it would create a headache of checking too many accounts at the same time while multi tasking on other things.

  3. taketombo Says:

    I didnt know you had a DA! I too have used deviantart in the past but its grown kind of tiresome and i too came here.
    3 is a bit cheap too lol I guess when i run out of storage here on WordPress im going to have to start searching else where too, good luck!

  4. Gunstray Says:

    Used to Gaia’d, Ive been threatened by pissed of narutards. so I rarely visit

  5. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: Haha, I’ve LiveJournaled, DeviantArted, MySpaced, and Facebooked as well. But I don’t intend to Flicker, since it would draw my “estimated value” away from my self-hosted pics! Clever, eh? >_<

  6. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M-chan: Hahaha, I planned to, but didn’t have enough time over the weekend! Haha, okay-okay, I’ll make a stronger effort, lol. Satisfied???

    Yeah, the MF Ayu definitely matches the OP, but I love her taiyaki-running as Koto Ayu even more, hehe. I also agree with Koto Mai. And right again, the Cospa Nayu is too big! Gotta keep the scales consistent, right? Unless I play around with distance and perspective. But that’s a technical pain in the arse.

    Oh no, not those “Tamagotchi” thingies. Broken? What kind of pet-owner are u? LOL. As for Flickr, it would only make a difference if u didn’t care about “estimated value” as much as photo-archiving convenience. It’s up to you… Actually, I just thought of that clever bit in recent weeks. But your coincidental post reminded me, lol. You won’t lose any sleep over it, will u? ^_^

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