The Haruhi Hype

Click for hi res.

Click for hi res.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to it, I can’t wait in fact. What I can do without is all the hype, the rumors, and the waiting. People have been talking for MONTHS and I am getting bored… bored of the epicly long wait… I don’t wanna spend any longer than I do watching a laptop screen, especially not reading a real book on a screen…. I want the real book if anything…. But if this new season doesn’t come out soon…..

I liked Haruhi so much after watching it for the first time, quite late after release actually, it was already a massive-fan favourite when I got round to watching it(which kinda put me off frankly), I bought the DVD’s. All of them, special edition, pretty much full price. I even preordered the first volume. With the uber-funky dvd box and ribbon. Armband n stuff came later, and the pillow cases!

Love this pic. Click for very high res.

Love this pic. Click for very high res.

I have a tendancy to like series that arn’t straight with you. Like Lost. It messes with your head. And likewise, Haruhi isn’t exactly easy to get. Specially not when they show the episodes in a strange order, ‘Kyon’s Order’ isn’t it called? When I first tried to watch it, I saw the Mikuru ‘special’ first, like your meant to. I did not like it. I did not get it. So I dropped it, and started watching Ouran High Host Club and other series. A while after, I came back to it, can’t remember quite why I did…. but I did, skipped ep ‘0’ and went straight for the second episode from broadcast order, ep ‘1’. I got into it, I was really enjoying it. It was funny and bright and not boring in the slightest. So many questions were raised, were asked, but hardly anything was answered. We still don’t really know what Haruhi is. If she’s some sort of God, or just a being with godlike power, or something else entirely. I have the Haruhi novels in pdf format, I read alot of the first, but never finished, I hate reading on the computer, reading whole books I mean. I like reading real books.

Click for high res.

Click for high res.

When I get ahold of the actual novels(which are, slowly, being published in english) I will definately read them all, get the full Haruhi backstory. Though…. saying that…. it would take away something when watching the anime. Part of the joy of Haruhi is the suprise, its damn unpredictable!(14 eps was not enough….nowhere near enough…..) The problem is, 24-26 might be too many… depending on what they do with the next series…. if series 1 was 24 as opposed to 14, but did the same thing, main plot, interspersed with sidestories, I think it would have dragged it out a bit much… People might have got bored. Though Lost is still damn entertaining though, confusing and drawn out though it is.

A pretty vector.  Very pretty. Click for high res.

A pretty vector. Very pretty. Click for high res.

So… Haruhi…. my fave character has to be Tsuruya-san. But Mikuru is so cute. The noises she makes just make me laugh. All the main characters have good points. Emiri is also a favourite of mine, I hope she gets more to do later.

Didn't like Ryoko. Everyone else I do. Click for high res(not as high as others sadly.)

Didn't like Ryoko. Everyone else I do. Click for high res(not as high as others sadly.)

So, being a big fan, I was glad to hear the 2nd series would be coming out soon. That was last year sometime though…. It’s been postponed alot hasn’t it? It’s depressing, all this waiting, I know there are LOADS of other things to watch, but I really wanna see this new series. I wanna see if she has long hair, I wanna see what they do, I wanna see what characters appear, I just want more…. this is worse than the american writer’s strike in a way, cos theres nothing even stopping them releasing this. No ones striking stopping production…. so why is it taking sooooo long?

Nice pic, slightly weird angle for the face, but nice. Click for high res.

Nice pic, slightly weird angle for the face, but nice. Click for high res.

I just hope the second series won’t be a total let down, when it finally comes out….if it does…. Other second series I’m looking forward to are Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Kannagi and hopefully Strike Witches and/or Sky Girls. Those are a few of my faves anyways.

Thats all for my Haruhi rant…. the posts on DC just set me off… I needed to unload lol, and my friends would have no idea what I was ranting about, so this is the perfect outlet lol.

(All the above images come from Moe Imouto(apart from the Haruhi girls line up, the one with Mikuru in the middle, with the space-nebula background, which came from konachan), all the high res versions are supplied here, so you need look no further, cos I saved you the fuss if you wanna save ’em.)

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7 Responses to “The Haruhi Hype”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    I never really understood why Haruhi was so hyped.It was an okay series for me but nothing to worship the rest of your life for.
    Its a real shame how KyoAni is playing with the fans hearts…Im not thrilled to see the next installment but for the fans out there (wich are alot) its just damn unsatifying

  2. jusuchin85 Says:

    @ Blowfish: Different people has their tastes, my friend. While I adore Haruhi just the same as many others, I didn’t go to the extend of her being a god or anything. Overhype? Maybe. Worth watching to be in the top-ten? Definitely. There’s something about the series that keeps people in check; something that makes people love/worship it. If you ask me, I love it because of its quirkiness and its awesome one-liners by Kyon.

    @ Meimi: Damn, just when we taught everything was cool to begin with:

    Just don’t know how long is this gonna last for all of us.

  3. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Here was my reply on Mimi’s blog: “Hehe. I see so much hype, propaganda and potential for impatient spoilage or inflated expectations… I hope I’m not forced to abstain from the “Haruhi” onslaught this time, lol.”

    But I can see both Blowfish and J85’s points of view. While I don’t think there’s ever been a refreshingly unique character like Haruhi before, I’m sure the toy and other merchandising companies have their own hype-oriented agendas and opinions on the matter, lol. ^_^

    P.S. Really? That “Mikuru” video special was the first episode I saw too. I didn’t know anything about the full story surrounding its making, but the video in itself was hilarious! The bad shots. The bad takes. The bad acting. Plus Kyon’s sarcastic side comments. Hilarious! That’s what hooked me. Then the rest of the story fell into place, lol. But I still sense the over-hype…

  4. Blowfish Says:

    My comment wasnt meant to flame the Haruhi Fans^^
    Alot shows I like would be called crap by other people aswell.
    It just doesnt get through to me WHY so many people like it.I wonder if they just love the Characterdesigns or really like the show.
    I even know some germans that are really fanatic about it and call everything crap.
    Im with you guys that Kyons sarcastic comments are great.They are the reason why i kept watching the show.Haruhi on the other side was a pretty annoying,egoistical ***** to me that i simply hated.That goddess thing seemed to me as an excuse to let Haruhi do whatever she wants to her “minions”. Okay that may be a original character design but i really disliked it.

    And well Mikuru,Yuki,Tsuruya and however all those girls are called are just the usual school anime character classes.

    To get back on track:
    Haruhi may BE good but it was only an “okay” anime for me.There were way too many things I disliked to say it was good.
    Subjective? Hell yeah

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Sorry for doublepost ^^;;

    Of course those german fanatics call everything else besides Haruhi crap.
    The weird thing is that they are great rational people but when it comes down to this they turn into rabid otakus

  6. optic Says:

    I guess the hype will hit me when the series actually starts.
    I just got tired of the rumors and hypes leading up to it where it all just turned me off. -_-

  7. nana Says:

    tambien existe yuki porsia no solo harui

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