Stop Frame Wall-E

As part of my uni course me and 3 friends/teammates made a stop frame/stop-motion animation featuring one of my friends Wall-E toys and most of my Crazy Bones. It aint very long, but its about 173 frames not, in 1’s(24fps), it was gonna be 12fps, but we did so many, and it looked too slow otherwise. It took about an hour a half to do… a bit less I think.

So…. this is my first ever Youtube upload… I’ve ruined my cred…. I don’t particularly like youtube, its got useful functions, but alot of whats on there is trash.

Here are some other stop frame animations I found on youtube. The first one with one of the EVE toys.

The building of a paper Wall-E.

Another toy, same size as my friends(the one we used) I think.

Thats all for now. I’ve got a movie night to attend I’m afraid. Just wanted to check in lol.

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7 Responses to “Stop Frame Wall-E”

  1. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: Heyyy, not bad! Rather cute. But no music? Not even the closing theme from the “Benny Hill” show? LOL ^_^

  2. Blowfish Says:

    Good Job!
    The only thing that really needs work is the lighting!It changes too often inbetween.I guess you should have used artifical light.

  3. Games Tutorials Says:

    great job!
    how much time take you to do this?

  4. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Hahaha, great minds think alike! But then again, there really is no other tune that would fit such a wacky stop-motion dance, lol. Except for Benny Hill! So if u still feel the need to add that tune, I just finished downloading it. Emailing shortly… ^_^

    P.S. Heyyy, started “Battle Royale” two nights ago! Wow, freakin’ intense! But not finished yet. Due to limited time (or limited intensity lol), I can only watch a half hour per night. Can’t wait to finish it up! More later…

    P.P.S. Btw, that “Mirai Suenaga” anime was an April Fool’s joke from two Aprils ago, lol. DC just copied the text from two years ago to his recent Dolfie post. >_<

  5. Persocom Says:

    that’s pretty cool, at least Wall-E isn’t something lame so your credibility on youtube shouldn’t be ruined XD youtube is full of trash but at least this is something creative ^^

  6. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M-chan: No problema! can’t wait to see the real *final* video, lol.

    Well, I do have more time on the weekend, but I *need* that time to compose my mega-posts! So instead, I watch my anime, sci-fi and movies in machine-gun bursts over the weekdays (breakfast, dinner and treadmill)… Haha, since “BR” is two hours long, it’ll be like a 4-part OVA, half hour each, lol. Bahhh, no-no-no, it’s never a good idea to watch fave movies so often that it gets boring!

    P.S. No-no-no, lol. All DC said was: “The below is copy n pasted from the Mirai anime announcement – that was when Haruka was still known as Kako.” So that entire section came from the original two-year-old post. He was just giving Mirai’s background… Makes sense? Actually, the eroge might be more real… not sure about that. ^_^;

  7. 06 Feb 2009 « xJAYMANx_toybox > Daily Updates Says:

    […] to play… « 05 Feb 2009 06 Feb 2009 February 6, 2009 Friday. Based on Meimi132-chan’s post, emailed the MP3 for the “Benny Hill” theme to her, lol. Miko-chan’s […]

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