Dollfie (of my) Dreams & 200th post

Before I start on about dollfies and such, I’ll just say this :woot: 200 posts!


And onto to the dollfieness! Since 2006, when I saw them in Japanorama, I’ve wanted a BJD. I’ve always been horrified by the prices. BUT, now, I’m gonna put that behind me. All of the dollfie stuff on DannyChoo has been encouraging my dollfie wants… And I’ve got a friend who was doing it too…. Kept sending me links to various sites I could buy them… started out with british sites and I ended up on LeeKeWorld. (They do ship to the UK.) I’ve been sorely tempted by the Dollfie Dreams, but I’ve realised that the normal, hauntingly beautiful BJD’s are what I want. Ones like Aquilla has.

I think… after staring at many doll faces…. Mabel… first spotted at DenverDoll. There were too… who I both liked… but…there was just something about Mabel. She does cost more…. about $48 more than the other one, Leira. But her face, her eyes… It’s the hair too I think… but she’s just so… so gorgeous…. I think I’ve set my heart on her, for when I get a BJD that is. I’m so tempted to just order her now… But I’ve decided to do as my friend is doing, and just save little by little. I already have £25, plus about £50 coming, £75 is a sizable chunk of the price. She costs $353 with face up(I couldn’t do the make up, not like it is in the pic… and thats how I want it…) And the wig I want is $27, totals $380, which is about £258. She’s a 1/4 size doll, stands about 40cm, there are two kinds of body I could choose from, a gentle or real body. I think I’d prefer the real body(I posted the pictures further down here) over the gentle. There is a Mabel-faced body you can get fully clothed, but its got snow-skin, too light even for my taste, and its over $600, yet that does include the whole outfit, wig and everything, but I’d prefer to pick out a nice white/cream dress for her…

These were the first pictures I saw of her... And the wig I want.

These were the first pictures I saw of her... And the wig I want.Now the next lot of pics are of a Mabel with a different wig, outfit and lighting, same colour hair, just yellower light. Just as gorgeous. All these pics come from the LeeKeWorld site by the way.I find it funny theres a Unazukin toy in the background of some of the pics lol.


Two distinctly different looks from the same face. The longer straighter haired face is more mature as opposed to the curls and bonnet loot, with less makeup. The curly haired one is more eye-lashy. But equally as darling. I wouldn’t mind either face up. But I’m guessing since I’d be ordering direct from the LeeKeWorld site, I’d be getting the latter of the two kinds. Which I wouldn’t argue with lol. Since I love em both equally.

I think the last few of these pics have the same straight haired-wig as the first lot I posted.

I think the last few of these pics have the same straight haired-wig as the first lot I posted.

It seems I’ve gone for another wavy blonde wig unconsciously lol. I didn’t realise it was that wavy untill I saw the pics from the back on the wig page. Now for the body comparison. First the real body, with Mabels head.


And then the gentle body, with a different head.


I’m still not quite sure which I’de prefer. I think the real body. I don’t know which has more movement. It looks like the gentle body might have just a bit more.

Anyways… thats it for the mo…. I have to fight with my brain not to just order it…. I have to save…. Heck, if I had a job I wouldn’t have to fight with myself, I’d just order it….:hmph: Right now with uni and all though, a job aswell would be a tad to much I think. I just know I want her…. Mabel… I don’t know if I’d rename her or not.. Mabel is quite a nice name. Old fashioned but nice. Night all!

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7 Responses to “Dollfie (of my) Dreams & 200th post”

  1. Snark Says:

    Now that’s a fucking ace doll! Never really been one for them myself, but it does look pretty damn good.

    And yeah, I think the real body looks better as well.

    Though the bald and naked gentle body is so damned nightmare inducing, I just might buy it to creep people out.

  2. aquilla Says:

    I don’t like the Gentle body at all, but I don’t mind if the dolls aren’t super poseable so extra posing ability wouldn’t bother me.

    Mabel looks like a good choice and Leeke make good quality products I’ve heard. Mabel has a great look and seems like she could be very versatile, looks like she could pull of either mature or child like pretty easily.

    I’d say go for it! All the Dollfie Dreams on Danny Choo are nice and all, heck I have dollfie dreams myself too, but there’s just something extra special about the resin bjd and visually they are a lot more versatile and much more modable too.

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M-chan: Fight your brain? That means your brain is fighting itself, lol. Ah wait, unless u mean your *heart* is fighting your brain. In that case, wouldn’t that be a “no brainer”? LOL.

    P.S. In special cases, I’ve been known to say: “Waste your money *now*, because you might not be able to waste it *later*. Believe me, I know, lol. ^.~

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Im kinda scared by Dolfies…Dont ask me what it is but theres something that freaks me out about them…
    You know whats even scarier than Dollfies?Naked Dollfies!Those hair and clothles pictures send shivers down my spine!

    About your pictures:
    I think the lighting is what prevents your pictures from entering the next level.From what you wrote your Setup is really make-shift.I advice to take a look at Superrats Tutorials:

    Isnt expensive at all!

  5. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Hey, thanx to u! Luckily (and technically), no *limbs* were chopped off. I won’t spoil it beyond that, lol. Ah, I guess there’s another to add to my infinite list. “Pirates of the Caribbean”. And just like u said about “Battle Royale” (and Lene-chan agrees), the sequels don’t seem to be worth it, do they?… Hahaha, thanx! I knew you’d love these pics! Yeah, maybe someday Kotobukiya will create a Makoto. But it’ll be tough to beat the MF version. Indeed. Hehe, and glad u got a kick outta the “Pirates” porno. Oops, I mean AV, lol. I’m not used to big-budget porn, but I gotta admit, I’m impressed so far. Not necessarily with the sex (although Jesse Jane is a machine, lol), but with the actual story and comedic barbs. Such as the Captain Kirk speech patterns and eye-liner of the pirate hunter, lol. Classic! Wait, didn’t Johnny Depp also have eye-liner in his trilogy? Hehe… Hmmm, buying? Buying what? The dolfie? Or the “Pirates” porno? ^o^

  6. taketombo Says:

    My girlfriend is really into Dollfies and even i’ll admit they look amazing, but its just the prices of them! Its crazy…
    Ive always thought if you bought one and it arrived damaged or something, or if it broke after a few days of tinkering ^^; if only they were cheaper..

  7. My Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible « Meimi132 no Itonami Says:

    […] Quest for Mabel + Dr Horrible By meimi132 Some of you may remember, my post about Mabel in early Febuary, but as a reminder, heres a […]

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