Harvest Moon Island of Happiness – Guide Book GET


My HM Island of Happiness(IOH) guide came today. I’ve always wanted a guide that had all the recipe’s, likes and dislikes of characters, and everything else, since there is sooo much to remember in these games.






Just some pages from the character section of the book. Really helpful. And I had like, absolutely no clue characters from Back to Nature/FOMT visited!!! Yay! Karen and Popuri visit. Popuri and Karen were my first choices when playing Back to Nature, I got the heart level on both up, at the same time, but my rule was, first one to reach red heart I would marry. And Popuri was it. I got Karen on Friends of Mineral Town.

Characters of FOMT.

Characters of FOMT.

In the games, the girls you can marry all have rivals, its quite worrying, especially when you walk in on a rival event…

The girls and guys of Island of Hapiness.

The girls and guys of Island of Hapiness.

The 3(ONLY 3!!) girls from the Wonderful Life game, first on Gamecube, then ported to PS2.

The 3(ONLY 3!!) girls from the Wonderful Life game, first on Gamecube, then ported to PS2.

Ain't sure which game this is from... Cute though.

Ain't sure which game this is from... Cute though.

I do recognise these girls from the Save The Homeland game on PS2 which was sadly never released over here…(UK/EU) Some of these girls are in the DS game too actually, like Gwen.(The blonde one with the horse)

These are the girls I picked each time I played the games(haven’t actually finished them all lol, no time sadly… I don’t think I’d have time even if they released a new Pokemon game… which is quite sad…)

Popuri, still my overall favourite. Her mother owns the chicken farm in HM64, BTN and FOMT.

Popuri, still my overall favourite. Her mother owns the chicken farm in HM64, BTN and FOMT.

Karen, the other girl I was tempted by on BTN. He father owns the town store. If you don't marry her, she marries Popuri's brother Rick lol. He seems nice.

 Karen, the other girl I was tempted by on BTN. He father owns the town store. If you don’t marry her, she marries Popuri’s brother Rick lol. He seems nice.


Leia, the mermaid. I picked her in the DS game because she was cuter than most other choices, and not as hard as the Witch(who was impossible to marry cos of the stupid american glitch….). (She’s not as loli in the game as she is in this pic lol) You can only marry her once you have a pond in your farm lol, so she can live there!!!


Melody was my primary choice in Rune Factory. Lovely happy hot springs witch. But I was also tempted by…


Rosetta is my other choice…very cute, but Melody is bubblier. And her heart level raised before Rosetta’s.

My choices for Island of happiness are as follows.


Theres Lanna, who doesn’t move to the island till you unlock the east side of the island. She seems cute, but I don’t know her character yet.


And theres the Witch Princess. Who I wanted to try for on DS, but couldn’t. She is blonde and cute, feisty I know. Choosing on IOH will be tricky…. and girls from previous games visit. Not available to marry sadly.

As for why I choose to marry the girls, and not the guys, even when I have the choice, well thats down to being used to being the guy character when playing the earlier games, and that the girl has less decent choices. I’m just used to being ‘Kyle'(Isn’t that a great name for a guy? Let alone a HM farmer! lol) Gray was alright in BTN, so was Cliff. But otherwise its slim pickings. It’s not different from a girl playing a visual novel/dating sim or eroge, just without the ero(good thing) but while farming! lol

Harvest Moon is a series of EPIC farming games. So-so fun. Addictive as hell. And its got a visual novel-type part too. (The whole finding a wife(/husband, in the later games) thing.) In the game on PS1, Back to Nature, the girl was a more important part, cos when the main character was little he met a girl while he was staying at his grandfathers farm. So he hopes to meet that girl again.
Ever since I’ve been playing them I’ve been the boy character. In the first game I played you could choose gender but not getting married, in the PS1 game you couldn’t choosed the gender, you were just a guy. The DS one you couldn’t choose, but the guys weren’t cute enough anyways…. called my character Kyle(as always) and going for the most Popuri or Karen-like girl. Though I think I was wooing the mermaid on the DS version lol. They released a DS Cute, which was the same game, you just play as a girl instead lol. Theres a few new ones coming out aswell in Japan. All so cute looking… (Bit of a rant I know…)

The above mini-rant is from the latest reply in my Blogchat with xJaymanx.

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5 Responses to “Harvest Moon Island of Happiness – Guide Book GET”

  1. optic Says:

    I usually pick the girl who looks like a tomboy. lol

  2. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Nahhh, that wasn’t a rant! ^_^

    Haha, yeah, I know what u mean. Let me try my best to explain this mysterious phenomenon as best I can. First, let’s distinguish between *lipstick* lesbians and *butch* lesbians. Typically, we’re talking about the *lipstick* variety, lol. Secondly, *bi* women may be grouped with the *lipstick* lesbians too, lol…. Ready? Now, let’s take a theoretical male spectator “S”. If he sees attractive girl “X” in a sexual situation, he’d probably find it arousing. However, unless girl “X” is playing with herself, she must be with one of two genders. If “X” is with a guy, “S” this would probably be distracted, consciously or subconsciously. Some more distracted than others. I don’t think guys particularly want to see other guys having sex unless the girl is the primary focus, lol. That’s why a guy’s face may usually be off-camera in an adult video. Or a guy may be roughly detailed, or have hair-concealed eyes in a hentai scene. But if girl “X” is paired with *another* just-as-arousing girl “Y”, then not only is the guy-distraction 100% eliminated, there’s another girl to double the arousal from the reciprocal Y-to-X direction! Makes sense? Hope this didn’t sound too much like a math or science class!

    Hehe, true, but sacrificing Willis was the most dramatic gut-wrenching path to take. At least he survives in the timeless “Fifth Element’, lol. LOL, this “Harvest Moon” series sounds genuinely intriguing. Actually, I shouldn’t tease u about playing as “Kyle” (as in Kyle MacLachlan?) because I definitely enjoyed playing as Lara Croft in “Tomb Raider I”, “II” and bits of “III” (for PC), lol. I’d grown quite protective of Lara! In fact, I’ve enjoyed *playing* female characters in my own “Firefly” fanfics, lol. Such as the niece-type “Miriam” and the Anglo-Asian genius-pilot “Lucky”. Hmmm, so maybe it’s the allure of exploring the mysterious mind-and-heart of the opposite sex???

  3. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Thanx! But, gahhh, you’re killing me at the office, lol. Let’s see, the uniform thing is more vague to me. But if we also include “teachers”, then I’d probably guess there’s an inherent *authority complex* associated with certain uniforms. Fearing yet desiring female authorities. Especially when women hold less authority, less often, in a male-dominated society. Thus the arousal emerges from the unconventional or rare. So I can understand the “policewomen”, “soldiers” or “teachers” or “bosses”, possibly “nuns” (lol). But not sure about “nurses”, lol. Medical authority to “take your medicine!” maybe?

    Haha, yeah, MacLachlan is only Kyle I can think of too. Never saw a full episode of “Peaks” or “Housewives”, but I sense he fits those worlds perfectly. I wonder if the phonetic resemblance to “kill”, adds than edge to “kyle”, lol. Or “will” with “kill”. What about “Killian”? Too bad there was no “Kyle” in “Fifth Element”. But didn’t u know that the first name of “Korben” Dallas is an intentional anagram of “broken”? Similar to “kill”? Hahaha. Kyle Korben Killian Kincaid MacLeod, of the clan MacLeod. Ah, “Highlander”, lol.

    True, her ass ain’t bad. But actually never did that upside-down thing. Don’t remember if I tried it, or if I even knew it existed. Don’t think so! You sure it was “TR III”? Cuz “I” and “II” didn’t have that, did it? God, that turtle-creepy butler! LOL, now “maids” wouldn’t carry any *authority complex*, would it? That’s the opposite direction. Subservience instead of authority. Ah-ha! Would “nurses” fit under a *subservience complex*? Now that’s a whole different can of unconventional worms… Unconventional!

  4. taketombo Says:

    Harvet Moon brings back memories XD
    I got the Wonderful Life version on the GameCube when it came out… It was so addictive i played it for weeks on end. I heard that if you played it long enough you actually got old and died LOL but i never got that far..
    I love the artwork of the game too, thanks for showing us some of the pages 🙂

  5. topaz30 Says:

    here are the matches for the guys and grils
    denny and lanna
    sabrina and vaughn
    elliot and julia
    pierre and natalie
    shea and the wich princess have no rivals

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