Mascot Promarker Trials


The colours after being scanned are a little… duller… the hair is more yellowy-blonde on paper. Might be my screen though. I dunno…
The uniform on the right hand side looks better on paper, the skirt and top arn’t so similar lol. Tops more bluey and the skirts more lilacy. And I’m not great at feet… feet are a weakness… like hands… though I’m getting better at hands.
 I might… attempt a Mirai+Haruka fanart…. all depends lol

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7 Responses to “Mascot Promarker Trials”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M-chan: That farthest right is pretty good! Natural pose and expression! But no Photoshop or other program to enhance color saturation? (Which I have, lol.)

    P.S. LOL at fallen skirt! ^o^

  2. Coco the Bean Says:

    They all look really nice! 😀 Great coloring too. (I suck at using markers xD)

  3. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Really? Too young? Yeah, maybe Ackles was a bit young, but he was at his sarcastic best in “Dark Angel” (2000), lol. Didn’t like him much in “Smallville” though. Maybe he got too old? Haha!… Wait, me? My pervy-guy-mind? I’m not the one who said “Padalecki snackage”, lol. Ahh, okay-okay, I yield to “snackage” if u yield to “pervage”, lol… Whatever “pervage” may be. I’ll leave it to your and Katie’s so-called dirty minds, hehe. So-called until I see proof…

    Ehhh, at one time years and years ago, I could sketch and darken an anime character in a few hours. Looked pretty nice. But now, I’ve lost the mind-to-hand capturing control, lol. Here was my last attempt in August. Doesn’t come out the way I intend it. Hmm, maybe I’ll post some of my good old college stuff some time. Maybe. But about your Photoshop, what the frak does “arsed to fiddly” mean? Hehe, I can guess, but like u said, my mind might be too dirty to try! But perhaps not as dirty as your skirt-dropping loli! ^o^

  4. Dawn Says:

    Very nicely done! You really have a lot of talent. Great pictures.

  5. Gunstray Says:

    I like the hair better when it was yellow blonde. Still your style is cute and nice

  6. Blowfish Says:

    Out of all the girls the one in the classic school uniform looks the best! Nice work!
    LOL at the dropped skirt…But come on you could have given us some fansservice with that ^_^

  7. Snark Says:

    I really do enjoy your drawings. The girl to the right is particularly well crafted. Snark stands impressed!

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