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Shirley Appears!

March 31, 2009

The Alpha X Omega Shirley Fenette is a figure I’ve wanted ever since seeing the prototypes in August last year. Then when the painted versions were shown in September at Chara Hobby 2008, and I wanted her even more.(Seemed more folks wanted Kallen though… not enough love for Shirley…) And I only ever devote blog posts to figures I really-really want. Like I did here.


Today. I got her. While she was on sale in the last couple of weeks at HS. And looks like I did it just at the right time… cos she’s gone back up in price!!! I got her for 4000 yen, instead of 5500 or 5800 lol. SO very glad I did now… due to the fact she ain’t available in the UK…. so very annoying… I am gonna wait till the 4leaves Tamaki is available in the UK in July. Just to avoid any charge by the bitches at Parcel Force…


Code Geass Crash Course (SPOILERS DESU)

March 30, 2009
The (mostly)psycho-bishies of Code Geass. No Ohgi though...

The (mostly)psycho-bishies of Code Geass. No Ohgi though...

In the last three weeks, I took it upon myself to watch ALL of Code Geass. That might not seem very fast to most, heck, I did half of the first season of Clannad in one night. But I’m too busy for major-marathons at the mo. So 2-3 episodes of CG was all I could manage, 4 if the 3rd episode had a major cliffhanger. And on several occasions that happened… which is probably why my sleep pattern has become even more loopy than it was before…


Kotobukiya 4Leaves Tease + Moelicious Tama-nee

March 29, 2009


Kotobukiya teasing us… It’s *fairly* safe to say that the girl on the right is Chizuru from Kanokon. But the other two? I don’t know… Who’s the girl with the long hair??? Or the girl with the hat and long dress??? The hair style of the girl on the right reminds me of (Nice Boat)Katsura from School Days. And the small amount of hair you can see on the middle girl reminds me of a character from one of the Ef Tale of’s. Possibly eyepatch?


K-ON! – Intial thoughts….

March 27, 2009

I absolutely LOVE the character designs. For me, tis like a combo of Haruhi and Kannagi. It’s the lovely eyes…

This file is BIG. 28mb's big. So beware lol. Tis ofc the hi res lol, you'd have to hope so when its 28mb's big....

This file is BIG. 28mb's big. So beware lol. Tis ofc the hi res lol, you'd have to hope so when its 28mb's big....

But the actual plot… about a band… I’m not really big on music-related anime.. but its so cute I can’t not give it a a shot.


A Day in the Life of Daki-chan

March 26, 2009


I present to you, a day, in the life of Daki-chan. Daki Makura.


Girls and Dakimakura – Hen jya nai?

March 25, 2009


(Now I just wanna check, hennai, I hear it alot in anime, usually meaning weird/strange…. is that the right spelling?)

Now, onto today subject! Dakimakura’s! And girls owning them! Think its weird? Not bothered? Like the idea?


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