Global Shinkai Day


Last night, I decided to get through all the Shinkai movies that were on CR. I’d considered buying them for AGES but never got round to it. This just finally gave me the oppurtunity to watch them.


‘5 Centimeters Per Second’ is what I started with. I’d heard many great things about it ever since it came out, so I was excited to finally be able to watch it. I wasn’t let down. It was as beautiful as I’d heard, like paintings come to life pretty much, I can’t think of many other ways to appropriately describe Shinkai’s work. Not that does them justice anyway.



I think ‘The Place Promised in our Early Days’ is my favourite of the three. Nice story once again, a kind of present day futuristic scifi thing. That tower was awesome… I think I liked the fact it was a much longer story, more to  it than the 3 mini stories of 5 centimeters or Voices. And the content of the story, liked that more too. I won’t reveal any major details of the stories, in case ya’ll haven’t seen them. Heck, I hadn’t seen ’em till yesterday.


‘Voices of a Distant Star’ looks much rawer than the other two big features, and just now I found out why…. created just by him on a desktop pc?? That seriously how he made it?? I knew it looked much less developed than his two newer works, but still looked fantastic.

They all have this, illustrative style in common. They’re all haunting aswell, all about characters round about the same age(to begin with). They seem to all be sad, to one degree or another. None of them made me cry like Clannad, Ghibli’s work or even Pokemon the first movie. But they were undeniably moving. More something you ponder over though, they don’t tug at your heartstrings in the same way Clannad does. When I think about the prediciments the characters are in though, its so disheartening, because their longing to be together is so futile. It’s just depressing…

I watched them in backwards order yes, but I don’t think it took anything away from them. After 5 centimeters, all the trains and sea and stuff, and at the beginning of Places Promised it looked like the trains and water would be a theme. But it seems that its just sky scenery which is a running thing. Very pretty, very pretty.

Now all’s I gotta do is wait for them to release 5 centimeters on DVD in the UK. The other two are already available, together even, for a very nifty price of £7.99 on Play.


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4 Responses to “Global Shinkai Day”

  1. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Ahh yes. I think the words I’ve used to describe Shinkai-sensei’s work is “absolutely breathtaking”. And such a profound heart-breaking loss and longing across distances, whether the distance is space, time or both. But didn’t know he had his own special holiday, lol.

    But “Clannad”, yeah, especially “After Story”. I’ve teared up during every single episode since Ushio’s birth (16 thru 20!). No other series has ever done that before. Not even the “Air” or “Kanon” series, or the original season of “Clannad”. Simply. Incredible.

  2. Snark Says:

    Can’t say I’ve seen any them before…though suddenly I want to.

    Excuse me while I go find the nearest dvd store to rob.

  3. Evilotaku Says:

    i really need to watch his other works all i’v seen is voices of a distant star it was gd but i belive she and her cat was better lol

  4. Marshmallow Says:

    Tried to watch The Place Promised in Our Early Days, I’ve wanted to watch it for a long time, but I kept on getting problems with CrunchyRoll…

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