Mikado(Pocky) in Sainsburys!

Went shopping today, for shampoo, washing up liquid etc etc, boring stuff. And while in the biscuit aisle I spotted something… something I never expected to see… Pocky in a british supermarket…

Oh, the new Radio times too, the one featuring Tennant. Yuuummm. 3 yummy things.

Oh, the new Radio times too, the one featuring Tennant. Yuuummm. 3 yummy things.

Well… its not Pocky-Pocky. But rather Mikado. The european name for it. It really is Pocky though, liscensed by Glica and some company called Lu. Even tells you on the back of the box the origins of the name Mikado. Cos of a game, pick up sticks, also called Mikado, which I do remember playing when I was younger lol. The object was to pick up sticks without moving the other ones. Pockys called Pocky because of some other reason though, ne? Is it the noise it makes when you crunch it or something?

And some pictures of the first pretty-looking sky in days. It’s grey again today…bah.




Anyways, Doctor Who/Lost to watch. Work to do. Allsorts to be getting on with. Ja ne!

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5 Responses to “Mikado(Pocky) in Sainsburys!”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M-chan: Ahh, gotta love Pocky. Sadly, it’s pretty expensive around here… What? WHAT!!! Doctor Where? Doctor When? Doctor Who? Season 5 already? {Dashes away to check the torrents…}

  2. Blowfish Says:

    You guys dont have Mikado over there?
    Weird that its licensed by LU over there.The German Version is licensed by deBeukela.
    You bought the Milk Chocolate Version?Blasphemie!
    Dark Choc all the way!!!

    Its weird but out of the original Pockys i havent found one I “really” like.I somehow prefer dark choc mikado

  3. taketombo Says:

    Wow what a find im so going to look in Sainsburys this week to see if i can get my hands on some XD
    Oh by the way, are you still interested in letting me do a fanart of your character?

  4. ShirokuRyuuki Says:

    I found some today in my local Premier (very small shop lol) and was pleasantly surprised!! Thought it was a bit rude not to mention Pocky on it and instead some game I didnt hear of until today, but hey, its Pocky, so I’m not fussed! :p

  5. Haisys Says:

    i saw them in the local corner shop, i was like OMG. IT’S POCKY.
    and everyone was like no, there’s no such thing as pocky.
    and i was like :OO! GO GOOGLE IT. they’re 69p here. ._.

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