Mimia Hime & How I found it…


I got a really weird request from one of my friends today lol. To give him some names/info of manga with ecchi/hentai in; for his girlfriend. Seriously now. She had bought Futari Ecchi vol 1(or Manga Sutra as its more commonly known in the west….bah…stupid name change…) Apparantly she is developing a taste for manga, and going straight for the more hardcore kind lol. I started out on Tokyo Mew Mew and CCSakura lol. But this girl wants teh sexy stuff. Nothing wrong with that. (Image above comes from the back cover of My Lovely Ghost Kana, more after the jump.)

 I knew of some stuff she might like. Nothing too hardcore, just stuff that had some sex scenes in, thats what I was told she wanted anyhows. And she doesn’t seem to be intrested in any anime…yet….mwhahahahahaha!!

My Lovely Ghost Kana

My Lovely Ghost Kana

The first series that came to mind was, ‘My Lovely Ghost Kana‘. I think I stumbled across this when I was looking for the latest Bitter Virgin updates on the Solaris Mangaworld site, this was a while back though, so it took a while for me to remember the name lol. Thankfully I found it fairly quickly. My friend was also searching round himself, stumbled upon Fakku lol, he was shocked by all the Bleach doujin hentai lol. Poor sheltered thing. Anyways, here is where you can get the up to date zip files of My Lovely Ghost Kana. It’s a nice story, sweet, about a guy who moves into a house which is already occupied by the spirit of a girl who died. Romance ensues. It really is sweet. It’s not just about the hentai content. Anyways, I really liked the art style of Kana, and it just so happens that, Yutaka Tanaka, the artist behind it, also had another manga on the Solaris site, Mimia Hime.


Tanaka has a lovely style, nice and soft, no hand edges to any of the characters. Warm faces. I’d also read some of Ai-Ren before I think. Tis why I recognised My Lovely Ghost Kana’s style to begin with lol.

I’m not sure if what I’ve just read is the one shot or the actual serialisation of Tales of Princess Mimia. Or if its the same thing… either way. Its lovely. I only have 3 chapters at the moment. That leads me to believe this is the one shot as opposed to the serial… but again… not sure.


This series, as far as I can tell so far, is completely non-pornographic. Tis a nice change, cos all the other stuff by Tanaka I’ve read has had sex scenes.



(Just some random pages from Mimia Hime. Love that name. Mimia! Cute as hell.)

Just wanted to share this cute little one shot manga with you. And some other Tanaka work lol. I might even get my friends girlfriend playing visual novels/galge/eroge! I’ve already given some torrent links lol. One for Hinatabokko, which I dl’d yonks ago, but still haven’t played. I want her playing Clannad really…(so then she might watch the anime, and I’d have a rl friend who loves it as much as I do!) but that would be more trouble for him to install and get working… cos theres the translation patch, etc etc. He ain’t as savvy when it comes to stuff like this.

Thats all. Clannad ep 21 to watch now… it’s only like… 2-3 more to go now??? :sob:

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2 Responses to “Mimia Hime & How I found it…”

  1. Snark Says:

    God the chibi angels are cute XD

    And respect to the girl who digs her hentai. I salute both her, and you, who so expertly guides her through her journey.

  2. Blowfish Says:

    Another Fun Solaris Release is Yuria 100.
    A fun Ecchi Love Comedy around a living Dutchwive ^___^

    Futari ecchi is called Manga Sutra in england=? what a crappy name!
    Over here its called Manga Love Story and I was shocked when i saw an Ad for it in one of my Ikki Tousen Volumes…

    Lets grow your friend in a full grown Otaku mwahaha

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