ISML Aquamarine Period 1 – 16/3

This monday, voting will start for years International Saimoe League! First is the Aquamarine Period!!! First couple I can vote from are Louise from ZnT and Kagami from LS. I think I know who I’m voting for. Tokyo gets a choice of Shana or Hanyu from Higurashi. I’d go for Hanyu cos she’s lovely! New York has Clannad’s Tomoyo vs Maria from HnG(don’t know that series…)


I now know how voting works… you must vote for a minimum of 8 girls out of the 32 pairs. Looks to be a new round every 2 days or so. Which is nice. But the voting still goes on for a good while. Different periods too, first Aquamarine, then Topaz… Amethyst, etc etc. 7 periods in total. All the stats and listings for rounds are here.

Now some pretty pictures of Louise and Kagami! All images come from Moe Imouto, I’ve supplied the high res versions. (I picked these images when I thought I was only allowed to vote out of the pair listed next to London…. Thank goodness its not like that!!


Lovely soft piccy.

Lovely soft piccy.

Ahhh Kagami Miko!

Ahhh Kagami Miko!

My picks for this round!!

1 Hanyu
2 Shiori
3 Sayuri
4 Mai/Yuki… (Not sure yet… what wins, my love for Kanon/other Key titles… or the Lovely, strange Yuki..
5 Tomoyo
6 Mikuru
7 Misuzu
8 Amu
9 Index
10 Ayu
11 Saber
12 Nayuki
13 Rena
14 Mei/Haruhi (Not sure about this yet either….)
15 Shiki
16 Alice
17 Tsukasa
18 Sakura
19 Kagami
20 Hayate
21 Nagisa/Makoto (Horrible choice much?! I still haven’t decided….. I really have no idea who to choose… I love them both…..
22 Fate
23 Tamaki
24 Chii
25 Golden Darkness
26 Scarlet
27 Minori
28 Nagi
29 Kallen
30 Taiga
31 Fuko
32 Kotomi

I know..  I shouldn’t be pre-emptively picking really… might ruin some of the fun…. I haven’t checked all the listings though, just who’s on London lol.

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2 Responses to “ISML Aquamarine Period 1 – 16/3”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Hey Meimi I don’t know where to say this but thank you sooooo much for drawing Momo!!! Your artistic skills are so wonderful, it’s a great honor that you would draw her! ^___^

    I’d draw Chiemi if I had like half your skill xDD but will try! ^^

    Well, I’m starting the contest now, good luck!! Wow, I am so honored by you + your art *bow*

  2. Mimi Says:

    Oh! And as for Int’l Saimoe I still don’t get the country thing but it sounds exciting! *roots for Hanyuu* :3

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