Girls and Dakimakura – Hen jya nai?


(Now I just wanna check, hennai, I hear it alot in anime, usually meaning weird/strange…. is that the right spelling?)

Now, onto today subject! Dakimakura’s! And girls owning them! Think its weird? Not bothered? Like the idea?

There is a list of stuff that I want. A ‘Otaku Must Have’ list if you will. Slowly, I’m making my way through the list.(Using my newly aqquired oppai mousepad as I type and surf lol.) A Dakimakura is one of those things that I don’t have yet. And which I am currently aiming for. Now this hasn’t come on just because of Danny Choo’s Mirai Dakimakura(though I am SO getting that when it comes out!!!), it’s been a long time coming. I’m not sure where I first heard of dakimakura’s…. I’m gonna guess if its not Genshiken or NHK… its on


Now thing is, I wouldn’t ‘use’ the dakimakura in the way that guys **might**(I used the word ‘might’ to begin with because not all would do what some do. lol, as LoliStar pointed out heheh). It would be more for display than anything else. Which is why I want one of these equally as much.

A bed sheet. I would use it as a wall hanging lol.

A bed sheet. I would use it as a wall hanging lol.

It’s got Fuuko on it…. So…much….love… love for the Fuukster. Heck, if there was a dakimakura with her on, odds are I’d be there in a flash. No Chie though, which is very sad… Would have to get a custom made Chie one. If I could find big enough highres images of her lol. *definately going to look after this….* Even if I didn’t have the pillow I would use the dakimakura cover as a wall decoration, like a wallscroll. I wouldn’t like putting pins in it though…. I’ve seen that Danny has the Sendo Erika bedsheet pinned(?) up. I couldn’t do that…


Next best thing would be a To Heart 2 dakimakura… Silfa is very cute. And theres no full nudity… so it’d be acceptable. (I wouldn’t want any dakimakura with bare eyes or bare clam. Silfa is.. I spose the furthest I would go lol. Unless you inclue Mirai’s pupil slip on her dakimakura. Of course, theres the elusive guy-dakimakura. BUT! I found one, or…half of one technically lol.

Fits right in with my recent Geass-fest, ne?

Fits right in with my recent Geass-fest, ne?

Of course I’d prefer Shirley instead of CC, or even Kallen. And Lulu’s not exactly my favourite Geass guy… heck, I’d take Ohgi/Ougi over Lulu…. Ohgi is awesome. But for its price(about £30 including shipping), and the fact its not just a girl lol, I’d bite lol. Most of the ones I’m considering,(Silfa, Lulu, blonde chick at the top) are all handmade jobbies from China. From the feedback, and the piccies, they look very good. And since I really don’t have the money to be spending over £60(not including shipping…) on a giant pillow case is really not an option right now… Sad as it may be. However, for the Mirai, I will make a big exception. Like I did for MF Makoto…

This Kotomi daki costs even more.... but is 10cm's longer.

This Kotomi daki costs even more.... but is 10cm's longer.

Wouldn’t fit the pillow I’d be getting, but its Kotomi…. lovely Kotomi-chan. Still, wouldn’t get due to the price. Now, the actual pillow part, I’ve been looking on ebay and not only are they used for people who have just had sugery, but for pregnant women. And just as bolsters. Of course, these are the non-sordid uses lol. I never even thought about what body-pillows were actually used for other than dakimakura’s lol. I spose sleeping with it in bed, like wrapped round it would be like a softer, not as warm person with no extremeties lol. I sleep in insanely weird positions, so I doubt it’d work for me hahaha. I bet it’d be comfy to sit on on this hard-ass chair….(my accomdation has sucky-ass chairs which ain’t good for long sittings…)

Oh and THIS, would be my perfect dakimakura.

I linked the massive version of this, 13mb-ish I thinks. So....cute....

I linked the massive version of this, 13mb-ish I thinks. So....cute....

Right now I’m checking moe imouto for all the images, since the place I’d be ordering from do custom dakimakura covers too. Ahhhh the possibilities… Chie on one side and Ikuno-chan on the other….

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9 Responses to “Girls and Dakimakura – Hen jya nai?”

  1. Loli Star Says:

    Hey now! Not all guys wanna fap and discharge all ove their

    Some of us also wanna display our Dakimakuras.

    And I think i know where to get Nagi-san’s Dakimakura. 😉

  2. Gunstray Says:

    Dakimakura is OFF limits for me unfortunately^^; I dont have money for it. Though id really like to get Louise and Mirai

  3. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Nahhh, it’s not weird for girls owning them. Although I *still* haven’t opened, displayed or photographed the one dakimakura that I’ve owned for over 15 months, lol. Fear of ruining the wrapping? Fear of embarrassment? >_<;

  4. Persocom Says:

    Funny you should do a post like this, I just ordered a magazine that comes with a one sided dakimakura the other day, and it’s going to be my first. Also I just posted up a Fuko figure review, finally got her woot! My wife was the one who ultimately told me to buy the dakimakura we’re about to get, haven’t gotten a pillow for it though. I think they’re great works of art and I’d use them for displaying on the wall or maybe for a pillow occasionally, though I’d be afraid of ruining it.

  5. meronpan Says:

    looks like you have a tough decision ahead of ya ^^;

    don’t think a girl owning one is any more weird than a guy owning one… you’re already so far lost in weird otaku territory by mentioning the word dakimakura, the difference (if any) is negligible 😛

    not sure what word you’re hearing but ‘hennai’ doesn’t quite seem right ^^;; ‘hen’ is the word for strange/weird (alternately, ‘okashii’, or ‘kawatteru’)… perhaps you were hearing, “hen jya nai”? or “hen na” + some word starting with i or a word… (“hen jya nai” == “not weird”, “hen na” + noun is how you say, “strange -noun-“, for example, ‘hen na itoko’ – ‘strange cousin’ or ‘hen na aisatsu’ – ‘strange greeting’)… err … sorry got carried away ^^;;

  6. Blowfish Says:

    Is it weird that a girl wants a Dakimakura?Yes!
    Is it weird that a guy wants a Dakim akura? Yes,once again

    I dont think theres a big difference if a guy or girl owns a dakimakura.Its weird whatever the gender is.
    I only own one Dakimakura that came for free with one of my Dengekis.It has Kanu in somekinda embarrasing pose.Thank god that its only onesided.

    Since we are on topic…How are people actually “using” Dakimakuras? Are they just humping the pillow? Ive always wondered about that.
    Im using mine as a pillow cover and thats it.Doesnt make the pillow appealing enough to hump ^_^

    If id would be still in stock and Id have the spare cash id buy the Misaki Dakimakura
    Its Ecchi as hell but i love the series and all the Otaku good splattered on the floor


    It never has fallen?Looks like you know how to build towers ^^

  7. taketombo Says:

    Ive heard all kinds of funny stories about dakimakura’s XD
    But if its something you want to go for then try it out… i dont think id even be able to sleep though with a pair of eyes constantly leering at you lol

  8. Evilotaku Says:

    i’v alway avoided dakimakura’s telling myself the day i buy one is the day my soul truely leaves me. but i most likely will buy one at some point. who needs a soul?

  9. louki Says:

    Blowfish> Why it’s weird if it’s only for decorate and not for… you know… fap, fap fap ?

    if you think like that, then having figures of 2D girls in your room is weird too (and i don’t think so)

    Everyone is different and everyone will use the object in a different manner 😉

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