A Day in the Life of Daki-chan


I present to you, a day, in the life of Daki-chan. Daki Makura.


Daki starts her day by checking her favourite websites and seeing if there are any new torrents available. Before even getting dressed. Has Daki now shame??


Ahhh dressed now. Still checking the internet. It can take ours. Damn internet and all its wonders.


Sometimes when Daki-chans bored, she gets a little…uh… handsy.


Time to Daki-chan to play! Kagami is todays choice. Is it just me, or does she look a bit worried?


Sometimes Daki-chan will just stare at her figures. Marvelling at their prettiness. And from the angle Daki sits at, she can see straight up some of their skirts.


(Poor Kureha… And Heres a front on pic of my figures at uni.)Actually opened my curtains for this.... they're hardly ever open, out of fear of discolouration...


Now Daki-chan settles down to play some DS games before bed. Daki-chan sleeps 15 hours a day, awake for 9, online for probably 8 of those, outside for an hour? lol


Then she reads her favourite chapters from the latest Yen Press tankobon.


Now, so tired from her busy day, she’s all tucked in and ready to sleep, main light off. But still dressed??! She must be super tired today. Poor thing.

(This was a fictionalised reconstruction of my makura’s day. Dressed in my To Heart 2 uniform. Which is WAY too small to button up on Daki-chan… shame…) I wasn’t going to take this many pictures… but when I started…well it was fun….lol. I didn’t get my wallscroll in though… dang… or my hiragana posters I put up next to my bed lol.(I figure if I look at them enough I’ll memorise them heheh.

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8 Responses to “A Day in the Life of Daki-chan”

  1. xjaymanx Says:

    @M-chan: Hahaha! Someone’s got some free time, eh? Actually, this cute little story reminds me of that walking Pocky-box thing, lol. Ah, the trials and tribulations of poor Maki-chan… >_<;

  2. Persocom Says:

    ROFL, this post is pure win! I just got my first dakimakura pillowcase in the mail today, and don’t have the pillow XD Love the To Heart 2 seifuku on the pillow lol. This needs to go up on DannyChoo or something XD

    Btw, I posted my final blog post on blogger, and my first one on the new Animatic Figmation because the new site is up and running.

  3. Snark Says:

    Heheh, I literally laughed out loud at this XD

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Fictional?Dont Lie! Its a perfect reconstruction of what you DO every day eh?
    I laughed at the checking the internet naked :d

  5. konadora Says:

    lol, I see you’re also participating in Danny’s giveaway 😛

    Very creative story ^^;

  6. Q Says:

    lol very creative and an interesting story there~

  7. meronpan Says:

    hahahahahahaha! i love it! yoku dekita yo!

  8. puppy52doll Says:

    LOL!!!! too dang funny! XD

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