Kotobukiya 4Leaves Tease + Moelicious Tama-nee


Kotobukiya teasing us… It’s *fairly* safe to say that the girl on the right is Chizuru from Kanokon. But the other two? I don’t know… Who’s the girl with the long hair??? Or the girl with the hat and long dress??? The hair style of the girl on the right reminds me of (Nice Boat)Katsura from School Days. And the small amount of hair you can see on the middle girl reminds me of a character from one of the Ef Tale of’s. Possibly eyepatch?

I am being majorly enticed by the Koto 4Leaves series…. Temptation Tamaki is almost too much to resist… I mean her eyes are too big… but she’s a gorgeous figure otherwise. That face… so cute…. To see what I mean. Piccies from FooBarBaz’s recent review.

Tama-nee is pure gorgeous. I'm sure you'll agree.

Tama-nee is pure gorgeous. I'm sure you'll agree.


This Tamaki figure is SO MOE its almost unbearable. I must have her…. its just a case of finding somewhere I can buy her and finding the moolah… without being charged with customs… *hissssssssssss*.


Look at the shape of that body. I mean seriously, that is one super-good-looking figure.


Side shot. Not fond of that side-boob. But whoever sculpted this needs an award or something!


This is the first time I’ve wanted to use the word ‘hotness’ to describe a figure. Cos thats usually how me and my mate describe various pieces of guy-candy. But in Tama-nee’s case, she totally deserves it. I dare anyone to argue with that.


These pics I’m posting here are my favourite ones. I have to pick one for my wallpaper. But I don’t want to replace the darling Clannad girls… but Tamaki deserves it. Really does.



Ahhh seriously….moelicious. I gotta get this figure somehow. Its meant to be 1/6th scale. But she’s pretty huge, at 21cm tall. My 1/6th Nono Nekomiya is only just taller than that(not including the base). And she’s waaaaay bigger than my 1/6th Shana. I’d say this Tamaki is more 1/5th scale. Cos she’s bigger than any 1/6th I own, but smaller than my 1/4th.

Once again, pics from FooBarBaz’s recent review. Go there for many more pics. Of the detail of various ‘aspects’ of Tamaki. So much prettiness though. EDIT: Just made a wallpaper that fits my screen perfectly, cos she’s right in the middle, icons on either side lol.

I was aiming to get her head in the center. It's *almost* there me thinks.

I was aiming to get her head in the center. It's *almost* there me thinks.

The pic comes from the top pic I used. Which is why I had to cut and stretch some of the pink to make the background wide enough to avoid pixelation from making it bigger.

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5 Responses to “Kotobukiya 4Leaves Tease + Moelicious Tama-nee”

  1. peacefan Says:

    Very nice figure indeed,

  2. Marshmallow Says:

    Oppai ga ippai… that Tamaki is really nice though, very sweet face and I just love those cushion bases Koto is doing a lot of now.

    As for the 4Leaves teaser, yup, the right must be from Kanokon, the copyrights at the bottom mention it. [Although I asume you mean Nozomu? Since Chizuru’s hair is longer than that.]For the other two though… ARES Windmill and MINK. Eroge companies I’m guessing, although I’ve never heard of them. No mention of Minori, so I guess no ef… I wish someone would make more ef figures, a great anime and eroge.

  3. Marshmallow Says:

    Okay, another comment, but I’m thinking the first one could be the second girl here: http://windmill.suki.jp/product/campanella/chara01.html The hair style seems similar, but then again could be the third girl, they have really similar hair.

  4. Persocom Says:

    Very nice figure but I’m going to pass on it for now.

  5. Orcinus Says:

    I wonder what the first two girls from the left in the pic really are. But regarding Tamaki, it’s sad that nobody is bothering to translate To Heart 2. I’d start considering the figures if that were so.

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