Code Geass Crash Course (SPOILERS DESU)

The (mostly)psycho-bishies of Code Geass. No Ohgi though...

The (mostly)psycho-bishies of Code Geass. No Ohgi though...

In the last three weeks, I took it upon myself to watch ALL of Code Geass. That might not seem very fast to most, heck, I did half of the first season of Clannad in one night. But I’m too busy for major-marathons at the mo. So 2-3 episodes of CG was all I could manage, 4 if the 3rd episode had a major cliffhanger. And on several occasions that happened… which is probably why my sleep pattern has become even more loopy than it was before…

My first, and biggest observation of Geass is that it contains ALOT of crazy people. And evil crazy people at that. Though there are some really nice characters. Shirley, Milly, Rivalz(weird name…). There are some characters who started out nice but then something was revealed about them, like Suzaku. Or even Lulu’s mother(she turned out to be a crazy one too…). And seems pretty much most of the Black Knights had good intentions without being crazy. Must just be for the main characters… Anyways I think I’ll do like a chara-bio-imo lol. Shall be fun. For me, if not for anyone else hehehe.

Pic from R2. Hi res. From M.I.

Pic from R2. Hi res. From M.I.

First, Lulu, or full name, Lelouch Lamperouge (or Lelouch vi Britannia).

Lulu starts out as a ‘normal’ student. Sure he’s a Prince of the most powerful empire in the world. But that don’t matter much heheh. At first, all he wants is a peaceful world for his little sister Nunnally to live in, and to find out who killed his mother. But as you’ll know if you’ve seen Code Geass, it all goes horribly wrong. And ends up with him, becoming Zero, then becoming the emporer and basically committing suicide to make everyone happy again. I didn’t see his death coming, or at least how he died coming. But I kinda guessed he’d have to die. There’d be no way for him to come back from his decisions in R2. Which kinda sucks… Specially for Nunnally.

Nunnally Lamperouge

Lulu’s little sister. When he began his quest to destroy Britannia, it was all for Nunnally’s sake. And then in R2, she goes and takes back her old name, Nunnally vi Britannia and her nobility, and takes over where Euphie pretty much left off. And she even opens her eyes towards the end of R2. Which I’d been waiting for, for yonks lol.

Suzaku Kururugi(he has a funny family name lol)

Now, I thought/hoped he would just stay the nice guy, the childhood friend of Lulu. But noooooo. They had ta go and reveal he’d killed his father. And then make him go all psycho over the death of Euphie. Admittadly he has a right, after all his supposed best friend did kill her….only after he accidently turned her into a psycho. No one seems to be very lucky in this series.

Kallen Stadtfeld (or Kallen Kouzuki)

The younger sister of the ex-leader of the former resistance(thats a mouthful lol), who pretends to be a sickly student at the Ashford Academy. Half Japanese, half Brittanian. Her mother, living as a maid in her house, addicted to Refrain,(a drug if you haven’t seen it.) So she’s as messed up as most of the cast, for different reasons. Not as seriously messed up as some, like Lulu, but still, she’s got issues.


The immortal witch. Well… not so immortal at the end of the series. But thats her wish, right? To be able to finally die. Makes a pact with Lulu, eggs him on, protects him, eventually cares for him. Loses her memory, becomes cuter, gets her memory back. Gives her ‘Code’ to Charles(Lulu’s dad), and is no longer immortal. Also, she loves pizza. The stuffed crust cheese-bite kind is spotted several times in R2 lol.

This is how I wish it was, and would remain so.

This is how I wish it was, and would remain so.

Shirley Fenette (apparantly based on the look of Anne from the Anne of Green Gables anime. I remember listening to/reading that when I was younger… lol)

Shirley was my favourite character/girl even before I started watching. Going solely by the appearence of the Alpha x Omega Swim Cafe figure,(which I should be getting tomorrow…hehehe). Thankfully, when I started watching it became apparant she’d be a character I would like. Which made it all the more sucky when what happened in R2 happened… But before that, in season 1, also sucky. Such a nice girl, getting subjected to all that horrible stuff. Dad being killed, by Zero, the guy she loves. Then shooting someone to stop Zero from being captured and unmasked. And then she’s almost made to shoot Lulu, and then has her memories of Lulu wiped! But even after that, and the memory rewrite after season 1 ended, she still fell back in love with Lulu… and eventually gets her memories back, causing turmoil again. But deciding she wants to help Lulu. And in doing so, gets shot by that little bastard with the brother-complex, Rolo. And dies in Lulu’s arms… but not before confessing her love. Big emotional scene. I can’t remember if I cried…  I think I was more in shock than anything else…

Euphemia li Britannia

Lulu’s half sister. Made Suzaku her personal Knight. Asked him to love her. Which he did. Hence why he went a bit loopy when she died. Of course none of this would have happened if she hadn’t joined in with her sister, Cornelia. She wouldn’t have accidently had Geass cast on her… she wouldn’t have become known as the massacre princess, and wouldn’t have subsiquently been shot to stop her from shooting the 11’s. She was nice. Had pink hair.

Rivalz Cardemonde

One of the few non-messed up characters in Geass. He seems to have no real issues, apart from his unrequited love for Milly Ashford. And thats usual student stuff. So no real cause for worry lol. Just a happy guy who wants to have fun with his friends. Little does he know they’re all(well, the majority lol) psycho.

I remember this episode.. was funny.

I remember this episode.. was funny.


Milly Ashford

Student president. A nice girl.  Becomes a weather girl. Even though she’s of noble decent. Sadly for Rivalz, she loves Lulu too. Little does she know how psychotic/obsessed/messed up he’s become. Briefly engaged to that crazy mechanic/scientist, Lloyd Asplund.

Ohgi Kaname & Villetta Nu

Another of the fairly un-psycho folk. Ohgi took overas head of the Resistance after Kallen’s oniichan died, this was obviously before Zero came in and became head honsho(or is it honcho?). He was made 2nd in command by Zero pretty much. One of my favourite parts of his story is Chigusa’s involvement. Or Villetta Nu, which is her real name. Found by Ohgi after she was shot by Shirley, taken in by the enemy and nursed back to health. Ohgi doesn’t have to heart kill her, even though she’s Brittanian. Eventually he falls in love with her, and her with him. And its all lovey-dovey and nice. Chigusa is nothing like the Villetta we knew before, and I wish she stayed that way. But she gets him memory back too, shoots Ohgi(he survives) at the end of season 1, and she goes back to the baddies(Brittania lol). Gets the noble status she wanted, and in R2, is one of the team watching over Lulu, to make sure his memories don’t come back. Eventually, they are reunited, and persuade the Black Knights and the others that overthrowing Zero is the best plan of action. After the Zero Requieum, they get married, have kids, the usual shtick. Oh and Ohgi becomes Prime Minister of Japan lol.

See? Look at that expression! Major brother-complex....

See? Look at that expression! Major brother-complex....


Rolo Lamperouge

Psycho kid with Geass power to freeze those around him for a certain length of time. Trained an assasin all his life due to his powers. He was put in place as Lulu’s little brother, when his memories were rewritten and Nunnally was removed. Rolo has a major brother-complex. And because of this brother-complex… he shot and killed Shirley… :grrrr:

Jeremiah Gottwald

Orange-kun! People were complaining he wasn’t included, so I’m including him now. He began as a purist, and got crazier and crazier as Zero taunted him with the name Orange-kun.(Orenji-kun!!! lol) Then he got almost killed. And got a high-tech body and then later on got a Geass Canceller, and then before he could kill Lulu, he changed sides… such a crazy guy…. I always just disregarded him, and forgot he was there  lol.

I’m not gonna cover all the characters…. too many… seriously too many lol. But I really enjoyed it. It was compelling enough. But hard to find characters to like. One minute Lulu’s all nice and brotherly, next he’s sacrificing troops and planning devious stuff. Even Ohgi betrayed Zero in the end… Rivalz really is the only guy who did nothing wrong lol. He wasn’t involved in any of the bad stuff. And my favourite characters kept almost dying… Ohgi twice… Shirley once(followed Lulu right into the battle…stupid girl…), 2nd time she did actually die…. But it was good, don’t regret watching. Now I’m starting Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha. Watched the first episode last night. Very nice animation. Loved the scene of her running to find the ferret.(I’ll learn the proper names soon enough…. and then I’ll want the Nanoha figma I’m sure…. just like with Lulu…. lol)

And to end, some more pretty pics from Geass. All pics in this post came from Moe Imouto. All are hi res unless stated otherwise.(I think…)

Shirley and Kallen. Or Karen. Depends what you like.

Shirley and Kallen. Or Karen. Depends what you like.

Sukimizu for you.

Sukimizu for you.

C.C and Pizza Hut mascot Dakimakura lol.

C.C and Pizza Hut mascot Dakimakura lol.

Ahh the kind of brotherly love they shared before...the'll see if you haven't seen it before lol.

Ahh the kind of brotherly love they shared before...the'll see if you haven't seen it before lol.

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10 Responses to “Code Geass Crash Course (SPOILERS DESU)”

  1. Gunstray Says:

    how bout Jerremiah, one of the best chars in CG

  2. konadora Says:

    What happened to Orenji-kun?

    I felt really sad when Shirley died 😦

  3. Persocom Says:

    Overall I liked Kallen and C.C. the most in the end, but I wanted to see Lelouch with Shirley. I enjoyed both seasons a lot even though it was a crazy ride. I’m kind of disappointed in the figure companies with this series because there aren’t a lot of choices for figures. I’ve yet to find a Kallen or C.C. one that I just absolutely had to have, but I want one.. Might track down a Lelouch figma one of these days though.

  4. xJAYMANx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Heyyy, better late than never! Spectacularly mind-thrilling series. Hehe, so in the final scenes of the final episode, u don’t Lelouch was the one riding the horse-drawn cart carrying C.C.? Hehehe. ^_~

  5. xJAYMANx Says:

    P.S. Oops, “u don’t” = “u don’t think”.

  6. Michael Flux Says:

    Definitely one of the better animes I’ve seen in quite a while. But yeah, I too watched mots of it, in one go.

    Caught a glimpse of one episode of R2 once, looked interesting, so I went back and watched all of R1 and all the previous episodes of R2 in a matter of about 3 days.

    The animation was surprisingly pretty good most of the time. As for favorite character, definitely CC. Both the immortal and the cute versions.

  7. Nintendokid100 Says:

    wow all of them ,im amazed took me 2 months!
    i know its an amzing seires right!
    im crashin on negima 1st series now all 26 episodes are on my psp and only 12 more 2 go

  8. Fortress Guy Says:

    Nice. That was quite the marathon dude. Overload of crazy characters! That is right. Especially Nina, who you did not include. What a whack job.

    R2 got a little TOO twisty IMO. It got so you did not know who to root for. Even the person you rooted for the previous episode may no longer be someone you can in the next.

    It was still enjoyable, however not as much as first season. I did not know that Ohgi became prime minister. Good for him. Poor guy was shot in the stomach by the girl he loved. 😉

    Here are my takes on both seasons with lots o’ pics and perhaps a little wit:

  9. CQOrca Says:

    I only read a little bit but your character bio but one of them is completly wrong!!! C2 does not give up her code to charles. She is still immortal at the end of r2. Charles takes the code from v2, not c2. C2 rejects him on multiple occasions. So her code is never taken from her. Cause when your code is taken you die and that was her wish! NOW FIX IT :p

    • meimi132 Says:

      Oooooki…….. sowwy…. I haven’t watched the series in so long I can’t really remember what happened anyway… but I will fix it. I promise!!!!
      I really can’t remember V.V/V2 lol.

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