K-ON! – Ok… I give in..


Damn Kyoani… they’ve done it again… You can guarantee that in the next Saimoe, some of these girls will definately be popular… And again… I’ll reitterate. Unholy mix of Haruhi, Kannagi and Clannad. Style of animation, the way their hair moves, reminds me more of Kannagi. But their faces shine Haruhi/Clannad. Yu has like… smaller Nagisa eyes lol. And her smiles remind me of Nagisa too. Whereas Mio reminds me of Nagi… the hair helps with that too lol.


I do love the voice actresses they got. All fairly unknown, but so cute… One sounds a bit like Aya Hirano and another(Yui’s) like Ai Nonoka. And the ed song, I almost thought it was Aya Hirano singing for a minute lol… Hope its not just me that thinks that…


I do absolutely love the op and ed themes. I’m sure those who’ve already heard them will agree. And for those who haven’t. Here they are.


Ending(love the ed more, love the animation too… Mio’s just so pretty. All the little movements of her head lol.

So… definately… sadly… hooked…. Will be looking forward to each new episode…. damn Kyoani…

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6 Responses to “K-ON! – Ok… I give in..”

  1. optic Says:

    Yup, this show is definitely win for me. I think the OP and ED are bit hits.
    I love Yui. She’s soooooo funny. xD

  2. Snark Says:

    Yeah, that ending is all kinds of awesome. Also, Mio gets browny points for being one of the few left handed characters I’ve ever seen in anime >=D

  3. konadora Says:

    Instantly fell in love with the OP and ED. Yui is moe XD instant love~

  4. Persocom Says:

    I’m hooked too, freaking love Mio, she plays the bass and I do too.

  5. lolipedofin Says:

    LOL, i was searching keiongaku for fun at internet, and it redirect me here… Hi, Meimi.. I never check your blog before, huh….

    And yea, i kinda like K-On too…. not yet clicked with the series tho… as usual with all KyoAni series, it took time for me to really appreciate it’s awesomeness… i guess it’s because they always pull off something unconventional in their anime…

    Will keep tab on this series, definitely… I just love Mio and Yui… XD

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    […] checked this out already, haven’t you?  Many blogs I read have already posted about it in some way or another ^^;  I wasn’t really feeling the hype when it first started… […]

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