So I’m back home. To the land of neverending cat hair on my computer screen lol. And most of my figures are back at my uni accomodation…. It does feel great to be back though. And weirdly, it doesn’t feel, to me, like I’ve been gone. I’m sure its different for my family(cats included) cos I’ve been gone the majority of 7 months. It just means I’ll be taking up space and eating their food instead of me buying my own haha.

From the op

From the op

I still haven’t finished unpacking. And am planning to play my PS2 for the first time in ages. (Can’t decide between P3 Fes or P4…. gah decisions….) Shirley is sitting just to the left of my laptop screen, and Nono a little behind her. The other 4 are spread about in various places. Had to shift some stuff just to make room… god knows what’ll happen when I bring home the rest…… I can’t sell any… I just can’t… Not yet… not untill I’m uber-uber desperate for space/money or both!

Anyways… just checking in. And giving ya’ll some Mio-love. Isn’t she darling??!! Now I gotta find out what this problem is with my speakers…. nothings making any noise… gaaaaah.



Oh, and guess who won the Aquamarine group of Saimoe?….

Thats right.... giant-stuffed-bear-moe won...

Thats right.... giant-stuffed-bear-moe won...

I’m not by any means a Tomoyo fan… but it could have been worse I spose…. be bad if she wins more than one…. is that even possible?

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5 Responses to “Okaeri~”

  1. xjaymanx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Heyyy, welcome back (home)! Maybe your speaker volume is at zero on the physical knob? Or zero in the audio software? Hehe… Ahh, like u mentioned elsewhere, “K-On!” definitely has its cute and cuddly moments! While it may not be as earth-shattering as others make it out to be, it looks to be just as lovable as KyoAni’s previous faves ~ “Haruhi” and “Lucky Star” and “Clannad”!

    P.S. Got castanets? ^_~

  2. chaosprophet Says:

    And another person falls for K-ON! KyoAni does know how to make their anime.
    Don’t say that! Tomoyo is quite lovely! Yep any character can have as many necklace they are able to win. Last year Kagami and Haruhi received 2 each.
    Oh and may you have a good time at your home after that long. ^^

  3. Snark Says:

    P4! Play P4! P4444444444444!!!

  4. konadora Says:


  5. KiddoKid Says:

    ISML is damn confusing…
    i rather chase Japan Saimoe~

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