Spring Season Anime Choices

Because the new season of anime has come round once again, I find myself picking new shows to try. I think I have 10, 13(edit: not 10 lol, 14 including Haruhi 2….) lined up to try so far…. 2 of which I’ve already tried and liked, and one I dumped before even watching the whole thing lol. Not only the new season stuff, I’m catching up on recommended titles like Nanoha(on A’s now) and Bamboo Blade(on ep 2, tis gud, so far.)

My current background. Mio-love!

My current background. Mio-love!

 (Obviously K-on! is already one of my pick ups for this season lol. The rest of my choices to try are below…)

We’ll go in alphabetical order for a change, instead of complete randomosity lol.


Asura Cryin’ – When I decided(quite early on) this would be one of my titles to try for spring, I had no clue whatsoever that it had mecha’s involved. I picked it mainly cos it had Nagi’s seiyuu doing a voice, and it looked cute. But the mecha stuff hasn’t put me off so far though. I’ll be intrested to find out more about the ‘projected consciousness’ or whatever she said… lol


K-on! –  Seriously, do I need to explain? If you haven’t seen it you should have, so go watch it! NAO!


Natsu no Arashi – I chose this based on the more unusual character art style. Other than that, I don’t know much about it.


Pandora Hearts –  This is another title I knew I wanted to try months back. After dling a PV. Looked cute. I don’t know for sure if its my kind of thing. But I shall see…


Phantom : Requiem for the Phantom – This I picked cos I always wanted to try the visual novel, but never did… so this is the next best thing lol.


Queens Blade – NEVER AGAIN!!(Though saying that… I never got to hear Mamiko Noto in her role….) Too many eyes. Too much perversion. Exploding boobs? WTF?! And would that armor not be terribly uncomfortable with no bra or anything? Nanael is about the only cute-cute girl I spotted that episode. The rest were just…. no… bad… very bad…. even for Noto-chan… its asking alot…


Saki – Chose this based on cuteness and cuteness alone. Since sports-related anime or manga don’t do anything for me… Bamboo Blade is slowly proving me wrong though lol. Slowly. Saki is about mahjong though…. its not like its football or tennis lol.


Shangri-La –  Again, chosen based on artwork alone. I shall see if I like the story once I watch it. I don’t see myself watching 7 episodes plus the new episode of Castle tonight though… not with Smallville too… And I didn’t notice/realise it was drawn by Range Murata. I should have really lol, due to my love of Haibane Renmei. But this time it just didn’t click for some reason.


Tears to Tiara – Like with White Album, chosen mainly for its links to Leaf, the company partly behind the To Heart series. Looks cute though. I doubt the PS3 game will ever get to the UK… tis a shame…


Valkyria Chronicles – A last minute choice. I think I decided to try it based on the pic above lol. I liked the look of the character desgins. Little to no idea what its about though lol. I see guns… and army-like uniforms, so I’m guessing theres a war? lol I will see.

Those are 10 I’m trying/have tried so far. I can’t remember if theres anymore… will have to check the fansub wiki page….  I checked, there are at least 3 more, plus Haruhi S2!! OMG Haruhi! Thats 14 then…. Gah… The other 3 are Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity, Higashi no Eden and Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S.

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11 Responses to “Spring Season Anime Choices”

  1. lavetein Says:

    “Tears to Tiara – Like with White Album, chosen mainly for its links to Leaf, the company partly behind the To Heart series. Looks cute though. I doubt the PS3 game will ever get to the UK… tis a shame…”

    You could try the VN, there’s an english translation too – The PS3-Game is just a remake

  2. Snark Says:

    Holy crap, the mecha in Asura Cryin’ looks bitchin! Yeah, I know what I’m gonna add to my watchlist now >=D

  3. Michael Flux Says:

    I for one will be watching Basquash this spring ^_^. Animation looks absolutely wonderful

  4. Coco the Bean Says:

    Lol, I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Queen’s Blade. Everyone else seems to love it but I thought it was completely inane. xD

  5. gordon Says:

    K-ON! on my watch list as well. (‘~’)

  6. xJAYMANx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Have u seen the “Phantom – The Animation” OVA (2004) yet? This is probably why I’ll try out the new series. As for the others, not in any hurry. Except “K-On!” so far, hehe. After all, u already probably know, I’ve already got tons of anime and live-action foreign films to catch up on! >o<

  7. Nintendokid100 Says:

    hey ur blog really is amazing!
    so what of the new seasons do u recomend for people with little time cause im a otaku-apprentice following Actar on youtube ,but im also following ur blog its amazing ,simple but amazing!

    i cant watch much but ive chose k-on and i can choose 2 more ,which do u recomend

  8. optic Says:

    U will not be disappointed with Valkyria Chronicles. Based on the PS3 game, it’s really living up to it’s hype atm.

  9. Anime Guy Says:

    Can you provide more information on this?

  10. Beffawaffle! Says:

    why no higurashi rei!? ;___;

    • meimi132 Says:

      Uwaaah! I forgot to mention it, but I have in fact been watching lol. Am up to date on that, unlike Tears to Tiara’s n stuff….. I am thoroughly enjoying the new Higurashi OVA’s… I don’t like what Rika will have to do soon though…

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