You never think it’d happen to you…

That title could be about any number of things right? lol But I’m talking about one of the annoying things you never think’ll happen to you… credit card fraud. Or debit card fraud in my case…

Pretty K-on! art to make it all better. Came from konachan. This is the highest res there.

Pretty K-on! art to make it all better. Came from konachan. This is the highest res there.

A few days ago I got a call from a head-office of investigations at my bank, and they told me they suspected fraudulent activity on my account!! I have abosolutely NO CLUE whatsoever!! Apparantly they were taking small amouts at first, less than £1, but they still caught onto it. Which is amazingly wonderful, because I had no idea…. :sob: And turns out… I didn’t go into my overdraft(which I didn’t know I had…), the fraudy-hacky-type folk did, took nearly £400 from my account… Because I’d never gone into an overdraft I didn’t even know what had happened, I’d thought some money had been deposited into my account! (Which is why I subsiquently withdrew £40 for the last week before I came home…and ordered the Hen-Tie tshirt from fakku….) But I went back to see what the balance was on thursday, when I suspected something..(after googling stuff…)and it had gone up even more, turns out this was the fault of the quarterly TV licsence direct debit though….

BUT its all ending happily, I’m getting back ALL the money I lost. And have been sent a new card. The fact that all this only happened after I used HobbySearch for the first time is a tad worrying to say the least… but I doubt its cos of that. And its not just online shopping that causes this kinda stuff… people sitting in seedy back rooms of shops, copying the data that comes through…(so my dad says lol).

And on an anime-related note. Shangri-La kicks ASS. Didn’t think I’d like it much from the first 2 minutes, but it got better. Soooo much better. Love the character designs. And Yuniko’s crazy friends… you shall see what I mean if you watch. And I watched Saki last night too, was gooooooood. Very cute. Though I read that there are some errors in her gameplay. I have no clue, so I’m blissfully unaware hehe. The way it should be. lol

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8 Responses to “You never think it’d happen to you…”

  1. Harts Says:

    Thanks for sharing the story, good to hear that you will get all the money back.
    I have been using a so called virtual credit card, eg I can make a temporary virtual credit card from my bank’s internet services (for a fee of course), it expires in about 30 days and always has a different (a lot smaller) limit than my bank account. I usually set the limit very low and use one virtual card to buy only one thing. And if the data leaks somewhere, then there is not much to take from the card.

  2. ELTboy Says:

    That’s scary and precisly one of the reasons why I always try to keep track of all my online expenses. Good thing that you are getting back the money.

    I too am quite surprised by Shangri-La. I initially thought it would be a series without any actions. On the looks of it, it sure has loads of potential. Hoping it turn out good.

  3. Persocom Says:

    I just had this happen to me not too long ago. Took forever to get my new card cuz they sent it to the wrong address at first. Just recently got the last of the money that was stolen. I didn’t get hacked though, my card was stolen and the places the money was spent on don’t ask for pin or ID… I’m loving Shangri-La too, can’t wait for the next EP. I want a Kuniko figure! XD

  4. Nintendokid100 Says:

    ohh unlucky ,im nomraly carful with my card but since ive got my ps3 now ive spent so much ive gone really far down from 150 to 10!and i didnt know i had overdraft ethier but until i use paypal and my payments went wrong and i lost 60 pounds over 2 black hair shana and i went to minus 60 !

  5. optic Says:

    Don’t u just love the banks when they understand the situation and they give u back the money that was stolen. Sometimes I wonder when they get this extra cash from? Fees, interest from credit cards 🙂

    I’m glad it worked out. I haven’t read a bad story with a negative outcome and hopefully I won’t.

  6. Snark Says:

    Wow, lucky thing you’re getting the money back!

    And yes, Shangri-La is all kinds of awesome; I fucking love Momoko to bits!

  7. T.I.P. Says:

    Good to hear that everything is ending in good terms 🙂

    Hmm…Shangri-La, should add to my 20 anime watch list ^^;;; Btw, I added you to my blogroll if you don’t mind sharing blogroll.

  8. Blowfish Says:

    A few years ago my card was closed after they found out that i used it on a manipulated ATM. I was lucky that they didnt take any money from my Account. Im really glad that my Bank reacted really quick and did shut down all cards that were used on the ATM that day.

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