Trying to game, watch anime and regular TV all at once…


It just ain’t possible… I wish it was…. But there really isn’t enough hours in the day if I want to sleep as much as I do. So I think I *might* have to start getting up around 9am…. horrible thought… BUT it means I get to force my little brother to watch an episode of Firefly while nothing else is on hehe. He plays DS at the same time, but at least he’s soaking up the glory. He watched the Pilot episode this morning, easter morning, after our egg hunt lol. We didn’t even get all the eggs… kept finding odd eggs here and there thorought the day… Anyways… back to the subject!!

I’m gonna get up earlier. So I can play more games, watch more, do more, just be conscious for longer lol. I wanna aim to get at least one game finished before I go back to uni in 2 weeks. I doubt I’ll get either P3 Fes or P4 finished, cos they’re epic right? So Eternal Sonata is my aim. I think I’m on chapter 4… and there are only 7… so should’t be too hard, ne?

Yuniko kicks ass! You'll see if you watch Shangri-La

Yuniko kicks ass! You'll see if you watch Shangri-La

As for anime….well I still haven’t got through all the new series I wanted to try… Pandora Hearts, Natsu no Arashi, Tears to Tiara, Phantom, and the newly released Tayutama which I’m trying tonight, along with ep 7 of Bamboo Blade, can’t wait to see how this fight goes. Nanoha A’s is on hold atm, lost intrest at the first episode, distracted from coming home probably. I have so far watched the 2 eps of K-on!, Asura Cryin’ (YAY Nagi and Fuuko!!), and the first episodes of Shangri-La, Saki, Eden of the East, Queens Blade(NEVER AGAIN) and…. I think thats it. Apart from QB, I plan to keep the ones I’ve watched so far…. so thats…5 so far… plus BBlade…. Gah…. still need to watch the rest….


As for american tv shows, and shows on digital tv in the UK…. I got Lost, How I met your Mother, Greys Anatomy, Supernatural and Castle from the US to watch, plus english airing shows, Desperate Housewives, Smallville, 90210, Dirty Sexy Money(yay Nick), Primeval, the Doctor Who specials… what else….*thinks*…. Big Bang Theory… Pushing Daisies…. ER, Brothers and Sisters… I’m such a tv whore…. I don’t care what it is… I’ll watch lol… (I’m almost that bad… I do pick though, I don’t just leave it on lol. Wednesday is the only day when theres nothing on I want to watch lol. Weekends don’t  count hehe.

Pink hair. Love it.

Pink hair. Love it.

All the screenshots are from Shangri-La. Thats right, I’m subconsciously persuading you to watch it lol. And one more.

Love this bit. Made me lol for real.

Love this bit. Made me lol for real.

Not only all these games, anime and tv shows… I have friends to see, and movies to watch lol. Have to see ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ sometime soon with my little bro. I want to see it more than him lol. I remember watching the originals. Loved em. Hence why I wanna see this new one. Not sure about Dragonball, I’ve heard its got appauling reviews, as I guessed. But I might still see it. To see how Piccolo/Marsters goes from white(seriously WTF?! Who made that call?!?) to green lol.

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7 Responses to “Trying to game, watch anime and regular TV all at once…”

  1. Ignis Says:

    Can you please add your email in about section so ppl can ask you questions?

    where do you get your figures from?

  2. Persocom Says:

    Shangri-La is good, just watched the 2nd ep today on Crunchyroll. I don’t watch any normal TV, just movies and anime, so I guess I got it easy with staying caught up with things.

  3. Gunstray Says:

    You pretty much beat me in the reg TV part^^; IF you do finish NanohaA, are you gonna watch NanohaS

  4. setre777 Says:

    I know exactly how you feel, I hate getting up early. I’ve been forcing myself to lately though so I can watch more anime and play more games. I still haven’t watched the last three episodes of Battlestar Galactica, the newest two of Lost, and several of the Mentalist. Where does the time go?

    Here’s to hoping you can stick to your schedule of getting up early!

  5. Snark Says:

    Oh god Shangri-La is awesome. Especially Momoko. Fuck I love Momoko >=D

  6. Mitoko Says:

    Gah, I hate that feeling when you get out of Uni >.< It’s so bittersweet,, the feeling that you have time to do whatever you want for a while. IT’S NOT ENOUGH .0. Thank goodness I’m not so in to gaming that I feel like I have to get through them, but I have anime backed up and drawings I wanna get done! And you spend so long trying to decide what you want to do that you end up getting like half of them done and then it’s back to school -_-; Potentially a tad more stressful than some days at school XD

    I need to pick up K-On, then. Everyone and their mother seems to love it! I already picked up Nanoha because of your recomendation on here, so I’m gonna keep going with it ^^

  7. xjaymanx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Heyyy, Meimi! Been a while! Where’ve ya been?… Yeah, I think I’ve heard about the superiority of the “Tsubasa” manga too. But luckily, I’m more of an anime guy than a manga guy, unless it’s “Battle Angel Alita” or “Hellsing”, lol…. Hahaha, not ass! “Dennou Coil” kicks Satchi!!! Awww, yeah, that last moment of the last episode caught me off guard with a tiny tear. Sad… Just as sad as the temporary news that Mimi-chan considered quitting. But fortunately, she returned over the weekend. So even if she comments less often, I think she’ll still post once in a while, lol. Which is always better than zero, right?… Ahhh, “Bakugan”! So that’s why the kids (and me) were all playing with little mecha-marbles that popped into transformable thingies! All makes sense now. Well, not really, lol. But here’s what I did: I rolled them onto those magnet cards so that they’d pop out in mid-roll, hahaha. Kinda amusing. Damn, which series was I supposed to start? Hehe, “Digimon”, right?… What? You call them “bouncy castles”? Did u see my “air castle” reply to Coco-chan? ^_~

    P.S. Not only do I need to catch up on your posts, gotta start “Smallville – Season 8” and catch that new “Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead” special! Gahhh! ^o^

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