Movie remakes & sequals I’d like to see…

As you may have caught on, I love movies. Cinema is awesome, and not just because of the tango ice blast or fanta fruit twist slushies. And I thought to myself that there are so many movies coming out, sequals you’d never want to see… how does anyone keep up? lol (Other than using imdb ofc.) I thought about the sequals of movies I’d like to see, and remakes too.

 Some ofc, like Battle Royale and Death Note…you wouldn’t really want to see, maybe out of curiosity. But otherwise, stick to the originals. All this thinking about sequals came about from catching about 10 minutes of Jurassic Park 3 on ITV 1 a few nights ago, before my dad kicked me out to watch ‘The Wire'(best thing on american tv apparantly? I’d disagree ofc lol..). I love the Jurassic Park movies. And wondered if they’d ever make another, the cgi would be even more amazing than the first one(for 1993 the dinosaurs are bloody brilliant, you cannot deny that) if they did… which would be cool.

 2nd movie is… the worst of the 3 imo, the 3rd movie, nothing compared the first obviously, but still fun, and it had Sam Neil + William H Macy!! Two great actors! No Goldblum, which is sad… but he was in the 2nd and Neil wasn’t. So its fair. I know theres a Ghostbusters sequal in the works.. not sure how I feel about that…

I doubt Ben Stiller would end up in it. Id much prefer Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd in it lol.

I doubt Ben Stiller would end up in it. I'd much prefer Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd in it lol.

How about an Independance Day 2? Who wouldn’t love to see that cast altogether again? (Minus Randy ‘Locke-alike’ Quaid ofc…) But the Un-Baldwin? Will Smith? Bill Pullman? Once again, Jeff Goldblum?? How could you say no?? lol. God… theres other stuff too… what about another remake of ‘The Fly?’ Imagine how gross they could make it now lol. They’ve already done Terminator and Batman… more Spidermans in the works… what else…. *thinks* An American adaption of ‘Train Man'(or Densha Otoko)? Naw, thats actually one I’d not really want….

And I have yet to see Dragonball lol… not a sequal or anything… but sort of a remake of the anime and manga….

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11 Responses to “Movie remakes & sequals I’d like to see…”

  1. Snark Says:

    Personally, I’d totally did a sequel to Fifth Element. Now I realize that movie had about as much artistic value as a steaming pile of horse manure, but it was still a ton of fun to watch!

  2. konadora Says:

    Fifth Element had a great plot, just horrible effects. They looked disgusting =/

  3. aprilius20 Says:

    The Death Note movies were disappointing (but not lousy) for the Light fans like me. Anyway how could they possibly find someone as good looking and evil as Light? Fujiwara Tatsuya just looked too chubby and sweet for that, hehe:)

  4. xjaymanx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Hehe, most of those don’t really catch my eye. Ah, yeah, “Fifth Element” was amazing. Willis and Oldman (even Tucker, lol) in their prime. Just don’t remake or sequel it, lol… But yeah, as for “Terminator 4”, still gotta catch up with “Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 2”. But not only am I anticipating the CGI “Clone Wars – Season 2”, but also the live-action “Clone Wars” series in 2010! Yes way!

  5. louki Says:

    Me want Titanic 2 !

  6. Gunstray Says:

    @Louki: Um you do know that its based on a true story.^^; so I doubt there remaking it.

  7. louki Says:

    @Gunstray: They can do anything for money

  8. loli1983 Says:

    Are you serious? A Jurassic Park 4? Ghostbusters 3? Wasn’t there already a Ghostbusters 3? Then again i was too young to remember. An Independence Day 2 would be really nice. I’d like to see what would happen if more aliens arrived on Earth and what tactic would be used to destroy them again. I never get bored of the first Independence Day film.

    I’m not much of a movie goer, i usually wait for a DVD release and that’s if i feel like watching a movie. Besides, Hollywood stop making my type of movies a long time ago. Watch Blood In Blood Out, Boulevard Nights, American Me, Colors, Boyz N The Hood and see what they all have in common and you’ll see why i like these films.

  9. optic Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another sequel of Jurassic Park. I’m a sucker to dinosaur movies. xD

    LOL @ Titanic 2.
    Unless it’s a sub heading of “Return of Jack” 😛

  10. nintendokid Says:

    i saw Jurasic prk 3 the other day aswell!
    i loved tose movies ,but GB3 …..not so much wouldnt really wanna see that,the 3rd of most movies always are worst than first,spriderman,xmen,shrek (but that sucked to start with)…….and so on

  11. Blowfish Says:

    I wasnt in the cinema in AGES!
    Now that im earning good money once again im finally able to get back!
    Or i could save some money for some new 5.1 speakers and enjoy the fun at home…Hmmm…

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