On the road again! + New Goodies!


On the way to norwich today there was epicly dangerous and downright stupid driving. Some idiot was tailgating some other idiot who pulled out in front of us just minutes before, and kept flashing him for ages untill he was able to pass him. After which is spent 10 minutes driving right in front of the car that wouldn’t give into his flashing and tailgating… complete tosspots… this is a prime example of why I don’t care for driving lol. Can’t be arsed to learn yet…… Anyways…. nuff ranting about driving. Onto today’s goodies!!


I finally found Odin Sphere are a decent price!! Second hand, yes… but for £8.98 how could I say no?! Well… technically I didn’t buy it. My brother bought it for me, a very belated birthday gift which he never bought me…. actually… now I think about it… he didn’t get me a christmas present either….. damn… must demand more… lol And as for Die Hard 4.0(Live Free or Die Hard in the US apparantly…) I got my brother this movie, only the double disc, uncut version(the version pictured above is cut to hell… they had the audacity to cut ‘Yippee-kai-yay-mother-f***er’, so that there was just the ‘Yippee-kai-yay’… its not a Die Hard movie without that phrase…. But otherwise, very entertaining movie. I watched it last night, its insanely stupid, but in that high-octane-y way lol. So now he’s got the uncut version, I get to keep the other DVD.

Now if you’re wondering what that big silver dragon is, its a big animatronic dragon. And the little robot dude is animatronic too. It was a display in what used to be the Bear Factory in the Mall, advertising ‘Sabre Animatronics’. Apparantly they can be hired for birthdays. Whoever’s birthdays get this kinda stuff, I’d love to see them, mine were not nearly this extravegant, mega awesome, but no big-ass dragons lol.


I’d love a mini one, looked so cool… I regret not getting a video of it… next time I’m in Norwich I’m totally getting a video….

And my final piece of loot.. a t-shatsu featuring the brilliant, the gorgeous, Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!


When I saw there was a Watchmen tshirt with JDM on it, how could I resist??!! Seriously!! There was a big-wide-ass poster too… with the whole team on… JDM in the middle… so tempting… might get it sometime later lol… I’d love more JDM tshirts lol… or Dr Who ones… sadly… most of the Dr Who ones are for little kids… *sulk* least these Watchmen ones are in adult sizes hehe. Thats a Medium. Tis just the right length for me. Large woulda been pajama size, this means I can wear this out if I wants hehehe.

Anyways… thats all for now. Gonna finish watching Pushing Daisies then play a bit of Odin Sphere before watching Higashi no Eden ep 3 and Bamboo Blade 10, I already watched K-on! 3 and Asura Cryin’ 3 earlier today.

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6 Responses to “On the road again! + New Goodies!”

  1. Nopy Says:

    That dragon’s cool, I want a mini one too.

  2. Gunstray Says:

    Whats the location of that robot company,I want to apply

  3. Snark Says:

    Huh? Is K-On! 3 and Asura 3 already out? Geez, looks like I’ve got yet more stuff to add to the watchlist…

    But yeah, driving is a bitch…the combination of idiot drivers and my notoriously short temper really doesn’t make the experience much better >_>

  4. Blowfish Says:

    I absolutely loved Die Hard 4.0.
    I expected it to suck so hard since alot sequels the last years sucked and it was sooo great!

    Interesting Fact: In German hes saying Yippie-Kai-yay Schweinebacke (Pig Snout)

  5. xjaymanx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Yeah, “Live Free or Die Hard”. If I remember, they cut the “f*cker” but not the “mother”, lol. True, pretty entertaining. Adding Kevin Smith was kinda goofy, lol. But dammit, they should’ve featured more kick-ass Maggie Q! Mmm. ^_~

  6. T.I.P. Says:

    LOL, I was wondering what Die Hard 4.0 was ^^;;;;;; I thought it was some old school Die Hard DVD with some added footages. I didn’t know they come up with different English names for different English regions “orz

    Those robots look awesome, I wonder who throws a b-day bash there.

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