Shimapan!!! (+ Mahjong!)

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I’m on a continuing quest to get as many striped pantsu as possible.(Just so you don’t misunderstand, I’m not collecting them, they’re to wear lol) Plain colored stripes would be nicer… but I’ll take any I can get lol. So far I have 7 pairs. 2 black and white, 1 green and very pale green, 1 rainbow stripe, 2 multicolored rainbow and white and the newest, aqquired today, blue and white shimapan. They had pale green and white too… I might get them some other time…(If your wondering, they came from this site. I’m not giving you the direct link lol. Won’t make it that easy.

A combo of To Heart and shimapan. Two of the cutest things ever!!

A combo of To Heart and shimapan. Two of the cutest things ever!!

Click here for the high res.

Fan favourite Ranka! By dmyo, one of my favourite artists.

Fan favourite Ranka! By dmyo, one of my favourite artists.

Click here for high res, 15mb big!

More from dmyo. Click for the high res. Very pretty.

More from dmyo. Click for the high res. Very pretty.

And one more. Magical girl this time lol.

Click for high res. Very pink. Very frilly. lol

Click for high res. Very pink. Very frilly. lol

Thought I’d accompany my joyous news with some shimapan moe. Which I know you all love. lol

Now for some pantsu-less news, I am seriously…quite quickly… getting into the game of Mahjong. The real game mind, none of that windows Mahjong Solitare crap. Matching tiles…I mean the real game! The long…. rather like a game of cards game…

Click for high res.

Click for high res.

And its all because of the new anime I’ve picked up… Saki…. Out of the three, potentially obsession inducing anime I’m watching at the moment, I picked the one which is probably the hardest to learn all the rules… though the Kendo(Bamboo Blade) footworks probably a bitch too lol… And learning an instrument(K-on!)… well technically I’ve already done that… learned keyboard back in primary, same for recorder lol. I’d be Mugi out of the group lol.

I’ve already got the basics of the rules…. got a book on the worldwide competion rules yesterday, but I’m not sure which I want to learn thoroughly… the Japanese rules(most like the ones in Saki, or the competition or hong kong rules…there are too many different rules… gah… And I actually went out today and bought my own set of Mahjong tiles. £30, and £6.99 for the riichi sticks. I didn’t get the racks because I didn’t feel I really needed them, and I was running out of money at that point lol. They’re sandwich tiles. Two colours. I knew I wanted the acrylic two coloured kind. Mine are green and white. They’re lovely. Now all I need to do is find people to play with me…:sob: My dad suggested a village Mah Jong club over the summer holidays while I’m at home, probably not working… because being away from McDonalds has been gooooood. It means no earning extra dough… but the free time is much preferable.. since I have so much to do…. like learn to play Mahjong with several different sets of rules hehehe. Thankfully there is somewhere I can play Mahjong online. Mahjong Time. Its associated with lots of different Mahjong groups round the world. And you can play it like folks play online poker, betting with real money, but I’m just playing with for the fun of it. And learning…heh.

Going to check the newest ISML round results now!! (EDIT: Which are LATE! For the first time this year…)

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9 Responses to “Shimapan!!! (+ Mahjong!)”

  1. puppy52doll Says:

    wow you’re hard core, as in U’re picking up majong from watching an anime?! lol nice images, have to get when I get home ^^;

  2. Panther Says:

    Welcome to the world of mahjong. I know a few others who have just done the same as you, getting into mahjong because of Saki.

    Then again riichi mahjong is different in terms of scoring from international mahjong, so you might want to just pick up casual mahjong (way more basic and easier to win and does not calculate points compared to competitive international/other mahjong).

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Haha, I used to play a bit of mahjong with my parents as a little kid. Don’t even remember anymore. Or if we Filipinos used different rules, haha. I just remember building walls and castles and smashing them with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars! ^_^;

  4. xJAYMANx Says:

    P.S. LOL, u still haven’t found a shimapan with *vertical* stripes?

  5. Snark Says:

    I found the first part of the post rather erotic…does that make me a bad person? =P

    Seriously though, good luck with the mahjong! I’ve tried (if somewhat half heatedly) learning the game, but gave up long before I could even get a clue on what I was doing -_-

  6. Michael Flux Says:

    So umm…. I guess I’ll ask the question thats on everyone’s mind…

    Where are the photos of the said pantsu being worn. -_^


  7. aquilla Says:

    I’m not sure if you like all types of striped panties, or if you just like the typical horizontal stripes but I’ll throw this out there anyway.

    This week I picked up a cute pack of 3 panties from my local ASDA supermarket. They’re the usual panty shape (not thongs or brazilians or anything), they have frilly edges and a coloured trim. One pair was pink with blue trim, one was yellow with pink trim and one of them is the cutest by far. They are white and blue, the stripes are diagonal, which me and my fiance thought was a great change from usual. They’re super adorable and very comfortable. Best part is, only £4 for the 3 pairs.

    So yeah, if you think diagonal shimapan is as good as ol horizontal, you may want to head to ASDA!

  8. konadora Says:

    Don’t worry, so did I >:D

    Anyway, I’ve already learned Mahjong before I started watching Saki (Actually it’s because I picked up Mahjong that I got into watching Saki, but w/e), but what I learnt was the Singapore version. But I used to play Japanese Mahjong on my PSP, a game called ‘Moe-jang’. Back them, I had no idea what ‘Riichii’, ‘tenpai’ and all the other terms meant, so I kind of failed miserably in the game. But after picking up Saki, I cleared 3 stages in a row.

    I owe Saki my life 😛

  9. samejima Says:

    Saki’s got no pantsu!!!
    Well… not interested with mahjong despite going crazy with Nodoka-chan.

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