What are you still watching?

We’re, what… 4 weeks or so into the spring anime season, ne? So how many series are you keeping up with?

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So far…. I’ve got 9 that I’ve picked up. And 5 that I haven’t even seen the first episode of yet lol. But 9 is still alot… My original picks were Asura Cryin’, K-on!, Shangri-La, Saki and Eden of the East. But over the past 2 weeks… I’ve backtracked the first episodes of some series, like Pandora Hearts, which I original planned to watch, but never got round to watching the first episode untill this week. Hatsukoi Limited was one I wasn’t really aware of, but I like the art of it. And seems like a funny/sweet story. Tayutama was one thats taking a while to be subbed, which is a shame, because its another I was looking forward too. And another, Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphinica Crimson S, I remember watching the first ep from the first series, really bad animation…. Crimson S’s is much better. It’s mainly because Nagi’s seiyuu is doing the voice of Corticarte. I’m a bit annoyed by the fact the uniforms changed… but the first episode wasn’t too bad. I just gotta wait for the next….

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Animal eared Miko’s. Not new, but it still works lol.

Tomorrow I go back to Leicester, back to Uni. And we pretty much have nothing to do lol. Just have to hand in some stuff hehehe. There will be much free time. And I’ll probably be able to come home about a month or so after I go back. But the room is paid for up untill like… June/July…. So it’d be a waste if I didn’t stay. And I’m super-near 2 cinema’s. So I will have to watch as many movies as I can before I come home again.

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9 Responses to “What are you still watching?”

  1. loli1983 Says:

    I’m not keeping up with Spring’s Anime list. Though i plan to watch K-ON!
    soon. Need to finish old Anime and just today i picked up the DVD box set
    for Air. I never seened Air before.

  2. Panther Says:

    I am not giving Shangri-La much of a chance other than a further 3 episodes till episode 5. Then I will decide if I want to drop or keep it. Only keeping watch on Guin Saga, Chi’s Sweet Home (not yet even watched one episode!), Hayate 2nd (also not even one episode), Sengoku Basara, Eden.

    That is it? This spring sucks.

  3. Gunstray Says:

    Im pretty happy how Eden of the East story progresses pretty well. Out of the spring batch I havent seen shrangri-la yet…’

  4. Nopy Says:

    I think I managed to see the first episodes of all the new anime this season. The ones I’m sticking with so far are: K-ON, Natsu no Arashi, Eden of the East, Hatsukoi Limited, Tears to Tiara, Phantom, and 07-Ghost.
    Also planning to watch the new FMA when it’s done and Hayate no Gotoku 2 after I finish the first season.

  5. Michael Flux Says:

    Still am sticking with 07-GHOST and Basquash. Both turned out surprisingly decent. For now at least.

  6. Minaru Says:

    so far I’m keeping track of K-ON and Eve no Jikan

    while waiting I plan to watch an anime that is already over. I just finished Shikabane Hime Kuro

  7. Legionarion Conquistadorz Says:

    I’ll probably be following K-ON and FMA for the time being, and at the same time waiting for Time of Eve ad Kara no Kyoukai. The rest, like Shagri-la, I’ll give it the 3-eps rule before I decide to drop or not.

  8. Selidor Says:

    I’m sticking with 07-Ghost, Eden of the East, Basquash, Sengoku Basara, Guin Saga and Phantom at the moment. I’ll probably end up stalling on some of them until after they finish, though.

  9. ELTboy Says:

    Tayutama is nice with Mashiro cuteness. I am keeping a long list (10 ongoing) and have enjoyed the animes this spring so far, nothing’s dropped yet for me. Highlight is K-ON definitely.

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