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Little Miracles ~ Chiisai Kiseki ~ 小さい奇跡

May 29, 2009


Last night I watched the 3rd episode of Sexy Voice and Robo, and Robo made a very good point relative to figures aswell as robot models, (turning out to be a very nice little series, based on a manga) he did a little speech on miracles, and a miracle he saw when he was in third grade, said speech is below(copied from subs lol).


May 28, 2009

The latest(to me at least) Twitteresque site which lets every tom, dick and harry know what your doing 24/7, seems to be a site called Plurk. I stumbled upon this site when perusing LenVespers blog, ~Fine, Too~.

Funky, right? You can change the colours too.

Funky, right? You can change the colours too.

Plurking‘ might not be as cool sounding as ‘Twittering’, but the actual site is much funkier. Shows an actual time line of your ‘Plurks‘. (God Plurk is a weird word… Plurk…Plurking, Plurker.. I mean really?) You can customise your profile, like Twitter, but Twitter doesn’t do any kinda of point systems for twittering like crazy does it? Plurking does. Which some folks, who are obsessed with getting high scores, will appreciate. All those with crazy-high 360 Gamer Scores I’m sure lol.

EDIT: It can also connect to your MSN or other messenger of choice. Means you can send your plurks via the PlurkBuddy and don’t even have to sign in! Aces! Much easier than Twitter, therefore, I might actually continue to use it for more than like a week or so lol

Just letting ya’ll know if you haven’t already been made aware lol. Thought I might aswell. And since I was looking for things to post about while I’m at my grandparents, this seems as relevant as any.

Of course, I am now registered on Plurk lol (If you couldn’t tell from the screen cap hehe). Couldn’t resist the timeline lol. Ya’ll should probably go sign up too before it gets full of what Twitters full of lol.

MS-14B/C Gelgoog Canon – Part 1

May 27, 2009

On sunday night, I started building my newest Gelgoog, a 1/100th scale Master Grade, biggest so far. Today is wednesday. I haven’t been building it every waking hour of the day.

Sunday night I made part of the arms and the head. Was very late, so didn’t get much done.


Oh, I also found a nice little tool set, with a pair of side clippers like I needed, and better file than I had, plus some tweezers and a needle file. Didn’t get anything done monday cos I wanted the tools before I continued. Few more pics below.


London Expo – Han style!

May 25, 2009
Read on to find out what this is. If you haven't already seen the loot post at DC.

Read on to find out what this is. If you haven't already seen the loot post at DC.

Yesterday, I went to the London Expo. Han style. I thought it’d be easier to get around the stalls n stuff. Carrying lotsa bags of loot never helps with that though… Not as bad as last time. Only 3 bags to carry back. Biggest thing was the gunpla box lol. Twice the size if not bigger than the 1/144th scale boxes… Onto some piccies.


Haruhi Season 2 has begun!!!!

May 21, 2009


It has begun!! Actar made us aware via his DC news item! So very grateful! Otherwise I’d have no clue lol.

Hopefully a fansub should be released later today… since it is Haruhi after all, and theres been pretty much a 3 year gap… Is this the longest gap between seasons for any show or anime?

Actar also provided links for some other screenshots of the first episode, entitled Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody. I will only post one other picture, because it reminds me of other Kyoani works.

I wonder just how many other blogs will report on this… eh, dont care. Tis Haruhi season 2! The wait is finally over!! Ofc we won’t be getting a new episode every week… as the first season is still rerunning.

Just wanted to spread the love!!!

Dekimashita!!! + Fake Eyes & More

May 19, 2009

Today is a good day. A very good day. I fixed my laptop. I had to partially factory restore it from a HD partition, sure, but I did it, after hours of faffing and looking for other solutions. But it was the only way that I could ever move files from one folder to another again… and all because I saved a stupid game in the program files folder and not a folder of its own….

Very cute, but kinda evil, Vista-tan. Perfect for Vista really. Beware, 4.8mb in size. Just warning ya's.

Very cute, but kinda evil, Vista-tan. Perfect for Vista really. Beware, 4.8mb in size. Just warning ya's.

 Much more below the cut. Sherlock Holmes. Fake eyes. Underwear. You name it lol. (more…)

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