Castle – New Fillion!!

I was gonna write this a while ago, like, after the 2nd or 3rd episode, but I got sidetracked, and lazy. So I’m doing it now!! Just after I’ve watched the 9th episode of a 10 episode series. 10 episodes!! It’s not enough… Thankfully I have Dr Horrible which I’m pretty much watching/listening to everyday lol, and 2 guys a girl and a pizza place. Will satisfy my Fillionitus. Theres not enough JDM about though… not easily available anyways… JDMSchool means a daily injection of JDM goodness.

The titles. Love it.

The titles. Love it.

Must… get… back… on…track… Castle is like a combo of Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote and CSI. Which for me, is BRILLIANT. Cos I love the cheesy murder mysteries they show on daytime TV, this isn’t one of them, but because its combined some of my favourite elements. And its got the bonus of having Nathan Fillion in it. Granted, I decided to watch solely because of his part. But I always love it when things turns out to be really entertaining, like Castle.

The first episode introduces the characters well, Richard Castle, the world famous, best selling novelist is asked to help on a murder case which copycats murders from his novels, which he uses as inspiration for his next set of books. (He’s having a case of writers block when the series starts.) After the case is solved, he starts shadowing a detective for ‘research’ purposes for his new book. Danger, intrigue, chemistry. It’s all there. It’s pretty cliched, but cliche isn’t always a bad thing, not when its done right. And in Castle it so is. And I LOVE that Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are both Canadian. Me likes Canada. (I have Jpod to thank for that lol.)

If you are a fan of those jolly murder mystery tv shows, like Monk, Diagnosis Murder, Murder She Wrote etc, try this out. You won’t be sorry. And if your a fan of Firefly/Serenity/Nathan Fillion, you should already be watching.

I never watched Moonlighting much… but I get what they mean.

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2 Responses to “Castle – New Fillion!!”

  1. loli1983 Says:

    Meimi! off-topic but To Heart 2 AD Plus OAV is out! Download asap. Harumi is just so damn cute. 😀

  2. xjaymanx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Haha, looks pretty good and funny! Now if it only took place in a sci-fi setting! Very Han Solo and Princess Leia, wouldn’t u say? ^_~

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