Star Trek – Okay? Awesome!!

The BEST thing I’ve seen in the cinema since Iron Man/Cloverfield. I’m so glad that JJ Abrams pulled this off. I was worried they’d picked the wrong cast… But they so didn’t. They all worked. And I loved it.

I was getting over-hyped before I saw it, tried to calm myself… telling myself just cos its JJ Abrams it won’t be that awesome… Just in case I ended up not liking it…

Turns out I did love it… me and my friend just sat there grinning throught alot of it. I really wasn’t sure about some of the actors they’d picked…. but I take everything I said back. Especially about Simon Pegg with brown hair and a scottish accent. He ROCKED that bad boy!!
Zachary Quinto as Spock was something I anticipated ever since Heroes started lol, so was happy with that.
Chris Pine as Kirk I wasn’t sure of at all…. But he pulled it off. Well. Very well.
I LOVE Kyle Urban as Bones McCoy. He rocked. Very Bones. Favourite character so far. I think Bones was back when I was younger too…
I was uber-happy that John Cho was gonna be in it. Me liked him as Sulu. Even if he ain’t actually Japanese…
Chekov I didn’t really think twice about before I saw it, played by Anton Yelchin, and played very well. Got his wessels and wulvans all good and proper. Gotta love how he says Captain. (Keptin?) I didn’t know Chekov was meant to be so young lol.
I didn’t really mind who played Uhuru, she wasn’t a favourite character of mine from before… but Zoe Saldana did a top notch job!!! Can’t wait for the fan dance.
I was happy to hear that Eric Bana was in it, wasn’t happy when I found out he’d be smothered in alien-make up… but any Eric Bana is good Eric Bana lol.
The special effects were very good. Opening scene mucho awesome.

I especially love how the solved the problem of keeping to the original, but making it an alternate reality. Solves so many problems. And allows them to do stuff like kill of characters they don’t wanna keep, that may have survived before. (Not saying anyone dies in the movie lol)

Not saying everyone will love it…. but I do hope most people do. Twas a great piece of cinematic entertainment. Must… see… for a third time… then stay for the whole credits to see if theres anything Dharma related at the end lol.

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3 Responses to “Star Trek – Okay? Awesome!!”

  1. Snark Says:

    God, I really need to get to watching this, only stupid uni is really laying the work down on me at the moment T_T

  2. phossil Says:

    They really did their job in the cast process.

  3. nintendokid Says:

    u saw it too! I loved it! i never saw the series hought to si fi ey

    but loved this movie!

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