London Expo – One week

Thats right! It’s one week till the London Expo!! I’m going sunday only. Since saturday is always a bitch, way too busy. I’m not going for early opening, mainly because trains arn’t running early enough to get there before 10. But at least the trains are running now. Below is the Expo map, I just hope the hentai stall is still there, cos I wanna see if they have To Heart 2 Another Days again… that is my aim for this expo. At the midlands one, it was a wallscroll, this time, its an eroge. And any cheap To Heart goodies are always a plus. lol.

expo map

Got the map from the online guide thing.

So anyone else going to the London Expo? I shall probably be wearing my Tare DannyChoo tshirt. Might have chosen to wear the Hen Tie tshirt from Fakku, but since that arrived at home, and not at my uni accomodation, I can’t. Tis a shame, still haven’t seen if its long enough. Medium should be though. Usually too big. So. Expo. Wooooooooooo!

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8 Responses to “London Expo – One week”

  1. Snark Says:

    Heheh, I’m envious! There won’t be another expo in Sydney for quite some time T_T

    Still, have fun! Make sure you post pictures! >=D

  2. gundamjehutykai Says:

    I shall not be attending as I will be going to wales to visit the folks. so I’ll be going in the opposite direction.
    That, and I don’t know anyone else who is going and my last expo experience scarred me a little.

  3. Otaku Dan Says:

    London Expo sounds fun, I hope you have a good time there

  4. NaKAhi70 Says:

    I only posted cause that is my favourite song xD but damn yeah there isn’t an Expo here(Sydney) for awhile…I think 2-3 months ?

  5. Ian Gent Says:

    Hey, im going on Sunday as well, want to meet up?

    I would have posted on but no laptop atm =( (MSZ006ZETA on DC)

  6. nintendokid Says:

    U siad u wernt going!

    i was gonna go but ahhhhhhhhhhh it happend my dad planned another holiday! 3 times this has happend evreytime theres ana expo

  7. nintendokid Says:

    no i am going the holiday is at night!hank god for half term

  8. nintendokid Says:

    im going as lulu

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