Robin Sparkles “Lets Go to the Mall” [HIMYM]

If you haven’t ever seen any How I met your Mother, you are missing out. Missing out so much!! Most people in the UK haven’t heard of it cos when it was aired a few years back, it was right after Malcom in the Middle, even I didn’t pick up on it back then. I saw it in 2007 very-very late night during the summer holidays, and loved it. To bits. Immediatly went out and bought it on dvd. Watched it. Alot. Then bought/imported(since its not available in the UK) season 2. Went on to download season 3, then buy. And watch season 4 as it was being shown in the USA.

So, onto the title of this entry, Robin Sparkles, in season 2, its revealed that in Robin’s past, she was a canadian teen pop star. Her first video is below for your entertainment.

It was featured in the Slap Bet episode. I LOVE that episode. Slap Bets are awesome. See below!

It’s sad that it never took off in the UK. One day, maybe E4 will show it. They do that with American tv shows, pick them up YEARS after they become popular in the UK lol. Like they did with Gilmore Girls.(Love it, had to buy it season by season… still need 5, 6 and 7.)

Truth be told, I kept watching cos Ted was cute, and the story was adorable and lovely and heartwarming. But Barney, I have to say, is probably the true star.(NPH!! WOOOO!) Barney Stinson is legen-wait for it-and I hope your not lactose intollerant because the next part is-dary!! Seriously. Especially in season 3/4!! It’s so cute what happens! And I won’t say what in case you actually plan on watching lol (You should! Go! Watch now!! I found a place for my friend to watch online while she hasn’t got my dvds, so it is out there!!) So go, discover the joy of How I Met Your Mother. You WILL NOT regret it!!! (As I wrote this, I was listening to a commentary on one episode from season 2. Gawd its good.)

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