The latest(to me at least) Twitteresque site which lets every tom, dick and harry know what your doing 24/7, seems to be a site called Plurk. I stumbled upon this site when perusing LenVespers blog, ~Fine, Too~.

Funky, right? You can change the colours too.

Funky, right? You can change the colours too.

Plurking‘ might not be as cool sounding as ‘Twittering’, but the actual site is much funkier. Shows an actual time line of your ‘Plurks‘. (God Plurk is a weird word… Plurk…Plurking, Plurker.. I mean really?) You can customise your profile, like Twitter, but Twitter doesn’t do any kinda of point systems for twittering like crazy does it? Plurking does. Which some folks, who are obsessed with getting high scores, will appreciate. All those with crazy-high 360 Gamer Scores I’m sure lol.

EDIT: It can also connect to your MSN or other messenger of choice. Means you can send your plurks via the PlurkBuddy and don’t even have to sign in! Aces! Much easier than Twitter, therefore, I might actually continue to use it for more than like a week or so lol

Just letting ya’ll know if you haven’t already been made aware lol. Thought I might aswell. And since I was looking for things to post about while I’m at my grandparents, this seems as relevant as any.

Of course, I am now registered on Plurk lol (If you couldn’t tell from the screen cap hehe). Couldn’t resist the timeline lol. Ya’ll should probably go sign up too before it gets full of what Twitters full of lol.

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7 Responses to “Plurking?”

  1. hikky Says:

    Moved away from Plurk a few months ago.
    Actually it’s a lot of work to keep up with all those status updates and answers there. I still prefer Twitter which rocks with the right desktop client. How do you send out your tweets?

  2. Orcinus Says:

    Added you to my plurk.

  3. len-vesper Says:

    O-harro Meimi! Thank you very much for the pingback. :3

    Plurk is pretty slick yea, plurkbuddy is a bit more reliable than twitter-catch (failwhale is often seen on twitter), but I actually use a service called to update both plurk and twitter at the same time via AIM and Gtalk.

    Both are great services, I followed you on Plurk as well. I noticed you added my blog to your blogroll when I visited, you should have told me! I added you to mine in return, of course! 😀

    Thank you for the comments you left, I reply-commented on your posts, as well!

    I like your blog layout, looks crisp and clean compared to mine. @_@

    • meimi132 Says:

      Hehehe, thankies for the blogroll add. And for the info on… will have to check that out.

      And thanks for the compliment on my blog. I liked it the best out of the choices that were available, and don’t think I’ll ever wanna change lol.

  4. phossil Says:

    I want to plurk too!! ^^
    lol 😛

  5. Persocom Says:

    sent a friend request. I signed up for it a long time ago but never used it. guess i’ll try to do so now XD

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