Little Miracles ~ Chiisai Kiseki ~ 小さい奇跡


Last night I watched the 3rd episode of Sexy Voice and Robo, and Robo made a very good point relative to figures aswell as robot models, (turning out to be a very nice little series, based on a manga) he did a little speech on miracles, and a miracle he saw when he was in third grade, said speech is below(copied from subs lol).

‘When I was in grade three, a robot I saw in an anime was being sold in a three-dimensional solid body. And it was well made. I thought it was amazing.
Because, no matter how much you like it, humans can’t enter anime. Heroes beyond my reach were existing in the same space as me.
Furthermore, I could pose them any way I wanted. I was suprised such a thing existed.
Something I thought was impossible wasn’t impossible.’
(He’s a robot-otaku, if ya’ll don’t know.)


That just… rang true. I did a post a while ago on my blog titled ‘Why do we love figures?’ and I don’t think I came to a conclusion then… But I thinks Robo said what I was thinking. What I felt but couldn’t put into words. (I’m refering to all figures btw, not just robots, but like the 1/8th figures too, and everything similar.) Figures are in fact, little miracles. Little three-dimensional miracles. The closest we can get to living the dream and being part of the anime, like Robo says, things beyond his reach were existing in the same space as him. (His rant was lovely.)
Figures are itty bitty miracles. Chiisai Kiseki. I love it.
Every episode of Sexy Voice and Robo can be watched online. I’ve selected Voice 3 part 5, the section with Robo’s speech. It starts around 3:06-3:08. In case ya’ll wanna see the actually article itself instead of just some screens.

Love this shot. Such scary wide eyes.... lol

Love this shot. Such scary wide eyes.... lol

Pic comes from Konachan. Thought it fit well, Robo’s speech ‘n’ all.

(This is taken from the news item I posted on DC a day before this. Since not all will see the member news, I thought I’d post it here too.)

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6 Responses to “Little Miracles ~ Chiisai Kiseki ~ 小さい奇跡”

  1. Orcinus Says:

    I wonder. Shouldn’t such despairs be resolved before the age of ten? Or maybe daydreaming too much causes us to fall into this despair?

  2. Gunstray Says:

    “a robot I saw in an anime was being sold in a three-dimensional solid body.” That line reminded me of my early years. Robo X3

  3. Snark Says:

    Hmm, an interesting argument. I’m not sure if that’s the appeal I get from figures or not, but it definitely is a distinct possibility.

  4. GNdynames Says:

    That certainly is an interesting statement, I guess it’s the reason why I’ve got all those Saber figures.

  5. Anne's Anime Blog Says:

    Great article. I have to agree, this is one of the reasons I love figure collecting as well. 3-D’ness is miraculous!

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