What are you still watching?

In honor of the 14th episode. Me wants more Kannagi... may rewatch sometime soon.

In honor of the 14th episode. Me wants more Kannagi... may rewatch sometime soon.

Out of the series you picked from the spring anime season, how many are you keeping up with?

Out of the…. large number I thought I’d try, I’m keeping up with…. 9 of them. I haven’t even tried some of the ones I thought I would. Like Tears to Tiara and 07 Ghost. Ones I’ve kinda not kept up with are Pandora Hearts. Think I got to ep 4 of that, and just lost track. I lost track of a couple others, but caught back up. (The ones I’m still watching are below.)

Asura Cryin’ – Lost track, but caught up.
Eden of the East – Kept up all the way. Tis an awesome series.
Haruhi Season 2 – Only the first episode is out admittedly, but I know I’ll keep up with it. How can you not?
Hatsukoi Limited – A nice, light hearted romcom. Gotta have at least one per season.
Higurashi no naka koro ni Rei – Seen the first 3 OVA’s, can’t wait for the 4th!!
K-on! – Need I say more?
Saki – Who knew mahjong could be so moe? lol. Still enjoying it. Can’t wait to see the final battles.
Shangri-La – Another big hit with me. A thinker, instead of something like Hatsukoi Limited or K-on! which requires little or no brain power to watch lol.
Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S – So far I got no clue what the Crimson S part has to do with anything… but I’m enjoying it. Not the best thing this season, but it has Haruka Tomatsu and Ai Nonaka in it. So I’m more than happy to keep watching.

I find myself doing this alot more, choosing series based on which voice actors are in them lol. Tis reason I’m keeping up with Asura Cryin’. Both Tomatsu and Nonoka are in that funnily enough. Hahah, though tis not why I picked it. With Polyphonica I started watching cos of my Corti figure. I tried Mamiko Noto’s newest appearence… Queens Blade.. I gave up on that even before she appeared… Still, 9 is waaaay more than I watched last season lol.

Also saw the 14th ep of Kannagi last night. Really enjoyed it. Felt some Haruhi-esque home-made video-ness while they were shooting their film. But that didn’t last that long, people might have revolted if it did lol.

While googling seiyuu’s, I came across this vid. Haruka is super lovely.

Love the Kannagi op. And the other music in the series lol.

And heres a vid of Fuuko-chan singing. So cute!!!

Oooo I didn’t know Nonoka was in Natsu no Arashi… Never tried that. One of the ones I didn’t. Might have to now. Se’s not a main character, but any Ai is good Ai. Her voice is so juvenile… but I love it!!

Oooo some more Haruka now! Her and 2 of the main girls from Hatsukoi Limited singing the op theme(The band is Sphere, didn’t know Haruka was in a band…lol). And wow… 3 of the 4 K-on! girls are in Hatsukoi Limited. Aki Toyosaki, Yui, I heard the voice and thought it must be her. Minako Kotobuki, Tsumugi, didn’t recognise her voice. She seems the traditional ‘ara ara’ onee-chan voice. Not the ones I pick up on. And Satomi Satou, Ritsu. No Mio(Yoko Hikasa) though. She’s in Asura Cryin’ though, along with Haruka and Ai, and Aki, Satomi and Yoko. I’m sure the K-on! girls careers have gotten a big boost from K-on!. More Mio the better I say lol.

Love the op and ed theme for Hatsukoi Limited.

The pic of Nagi from the beginning of this post is from here.

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12 Responses to “What are you still watching?”

  1. Snark Says:

    Hmm, from amongst your bunch, I’m following Saki and Shangri-La, with a little bit of K-On! every once in a while. Aside from that, I’m also watching Mazinger Z, Sora Kake Girl and Sengoku Basara (which you really have to check out!)

  2. Gunstray Says:

    From the list of stuff your watcjing, I dropped Shrangri-la, as much as I like the chara’s, torys pretty hard to follow. New stuff Im watching are Tears to tiara, FMA-brotherhood, Shakugan no shana, and To aru majutsu no Index(I keep missing this stuff^^;

  3. Panther Says:

    Saki, seems like Gonzo has also caught me with Shangri-La, though I am pretty sure SL will end with another patented Gonzo ending.

    Eden is a must, of course.

  4. Persocom Says:

    Shangri-La, K-On, Saki, Hayate no Gotoku 2, Eden of the East I’m all keeping up with. SoraKake I fell way behind but I’m trying to catch up. Asura Cryin and Pandora Hearts I’m behind on too but I’m trying to keep up. Of course Haruhi 2 as well. Plus I’m watching some older stuff too. Plenty to watch if I get too bored at least. The new Kannagi episode was alright, wouldn’t mind seeing another season.

  5. npal Says:

    Woot, people follow Shangri-la! I thought I was the only one 😛

    Well I’ve got a number of stuff from previous seasons like Regios and Sora Kake that are stalling. Besides Shangri-la, there’s K-ON, Asura Cryin, Pandora Hearts (I’m too far behind with that), Hatsukoi, Higurashi Rei, Polyphonica, Tayutama (supposedly, downloading without having watched a single ep), Phantom, Queen’s Blade (yes you heard right, got to have ONE series for uber lulz :P), Tears to Tiara (same as Tayutama), and Valkyria (downloading, only watched one ep so far).

    Yeah, it’s busy around here 😛

  6. nintendokid Says:

    man,i can never keep up as much as u

  7. T.I.P. Says:

    I’m not really keeping up with my anime watching. But the ones that I find time to watch weekly are Fullmetal Alchemist – Brotherhood, K-ON, Queen’s Blade, and Tears to Tiara.

    Other animes I’m watching are Hayate no Gotoku Season 2, and Valkyria Chronicles. Just started Haruhi Season 2 as well.

    Dropped 07 Ghost as it became boring after episode 3…story isn’t going anywhere. “orz

  8. xJAYMANx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Hehe, still watching? Of course, “K-On!” for the curiosity factor! Just recently finished “Tales of the Abyss” and both “Ef” series, hehe. But my unique anime policy is: “Don’t start what you can’t finish. So finish what you start!” Plus this: “Don’t give reviews until you actually finish!” Haha, unfortunately, these rules apply to my live-action shows too, like “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 2”, “Smallville – Season 8” and “Nodame Cantabile”. Ah well, lol.

  9. phossil Says:

    In my case, Im still watching: Toradora, and Clannad After Story.
    I have other pending shows to watch. >_<

  10. konadora Says:

    The only few series I’m lagging behind is Phantom, Tears to Tiara and Shangri-La. Following Saki, Asura Cryin’, FMA, K-ON, Eden of the East and Haruhi season 2 (it’s only the first episode but.. :P)

  11. Nopy Says:

    I’m still watching: K-ON, Eden of The East, Phantom ~Requiem For The Phantom~, and Natsu no Arashi.

    Ones I’m behind on or leaving for later are: Hayate no Gotoku, Pandora Hearts, and Hatsukoi Limited.

    And the ones I dropped are: Asura Cryin, Tears to Tiara, 07-Ghost, Valkyria Chronicles, Tayutama, Saki (might pick up again), Cross Game, Guin Saga, and Shangri-la.

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